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He dined with his children and kinsmen, and strove to appear cheerful; but a gloom was perceivable through his deportment. Sir Robert was reserved and respectful; Mr. William was silent and attentive; the rest of the family dutifully assiduous to my Lord; only Wenlock and Markham were sullen and chagrined.

It was certain that as they returned to the tavern the man at his side was changed. He need not have felt chagrined. Men in high places underestimated Lincoln, or did not estimate him at all. Affection came first. The great warm heart had claimed Stephen as it claimed all who came near it. The tavern was deserted save for a few stragglers. Under the dim light at the bar Mr.

He did not resent what the young reporter was doing; he even realized that he might do the same thing himself; but he was chagrined to find himself caught in such a simple manner. That was a big piece of additional information for Russell to have, and Ned knew it. Hard as the thing was to do he would at least put the young man out of the way of further discoveries.

Many of the nobles mocked at her perplexity. To crown the whole, the young Prince was so obliging as to express the hope, in his mother's hearing, that the bridal fleet, then on its way from Portugal, might sink with all it contained, to the bottom of the sea. The poor Duchess was infinitely chagrined by all these circumstances.

Spencer was taken through the rain by the chagrined Captain to the headquarters, where he caused a little embarrassment. No damning evidence was discovered on his person, for the pistol had long since ceased to be a firearm. And so after a stiff lecture from the Colonel he was finally given back into the custody of his father.

Marmaduke in another, and Mr. Walpole in still another. To Comyn it was "Hello, Jack," as he walked by him. Each, as it were, had been tagged with a particular value. Chagrined as I was at the interruption, I was struck with admiration. For the smallest actions of these rare men of master passions so compel us.

The lady in answer shook out her scarf and something white and small fluttered down. I picked it up. It was a note." "Did you open that note?" asked the Doge in haughty suspicion. "Naturally." "Wasn't it marked personal for me?" this in fine simulation of indignation. "Without address!" "I am chagrined and surprised at Diana," said the Doge ruefully. "It's the effect of city association.

He was quite surprised at the impressive vista of South Broad Street, and chagrined to find people jostling him on the crowded pavement as though they did not know he had just come from New York. Roger turned in at a huge office building on Broad Street and took an express elevator. Aubrey did not dare follow him into the car, so he waited in the lobby.

But, while every one was on deck gazing on its almost tropical vividness, a film stole between, a shivering dampness pervaded the air, and soon a dense fog drove the chagrined passengers back into the saloon. The captain went to his bridge, and the tea-bell rang soon after.

I am sorry, captain, sorry now that you made me take you seriously." The paper dropped from his fingers and fluttered to the floor, but strangely enough he did not appear chagrined. His gallantry was back with him again, and with it all his courtesy. "Ah, Mademoiselle," he said, "I should have known you better. Will there always be a woman where there is trouble?"

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