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He did not resent it, but felt an odd thrill of commingled pity and fear. "I came for the reason I have given you," he replied; and added, more gently: "I know it is a good deal to ask, but you will be doing a great kindness. The mother is distracted. The child, as I told you, will be taken to the hospital in the morning." She reached out a hand and closed the piano softly.

"There were beautiful, wonderful things in them," he said, smiling. She felt herself stiffen under his smile. "You've waited three years to tell me so!" He looked at her with grave surprise. "And do you resent mytelling you even now?" His parries were incredible.

For a French army to live at the expense of Germany is in the nature of things; for a German army to live at the expense of Frenchmen is a barbarity which the civilised world ought to resent.

He appeared to be incapable of feeling any slight but the one unpardonable slight put upon him by Miss Gwilt. He not only declined to resent, he even made the best of Mr. Pedgift's unceremonious treatment of him. "Half an hour," he said, resignedly. "Time enough to compose myself; and I want time. Very kind of Mr. Pedgift, though he mightn't have meant it."

Nowadays we demand time for self-development, for reading, for thinking, for pleasure. Household drudgery, instead of being the object of our life, has become an interference to it. We resent it." "The present revolt of woman," continued the Minor Poet, "will be looked back upon by the historian of the future as one of the chief factors in our social evolution.

She may be a fairy, or a bear, or a locomotive at the moment, and will resent having to return to her proper self, even for a brief space, merely to listen to some stupid and irrelevant remark usually something about bed-time or an open door from an unintelligent adult. Kitty says that I spoil her, but that is only because Kitty is quicker at saying a thing than I am.

"Might not the telling also have the same effect as if the cloud were dissipated altogether?" She looked at him quickly and said, "How apt your answer is! Yes, it might if you would be sensible. I do not know you so very well yet. Are you not a little ready to take offence?" "You do not look as if about to say anything I should resent very deeply. But I promise that the cloud shall vanish."

I must not object to your holding your tongue, which I hereby even encourage you to do; but, by the same terms, you are not to resent my telling." I could not help laughing at this; though I still forewarned him what would come of it. "The devil may come of it for what I care," says the reckless fellow. "I have always done exactly as I felt inclined." As is well known, my prediction came true.

Did she realize how far Fielding's youth, if report spoke truly, had belonged to, or in her own words, "been a part of" other women? Did she resent their part in him? He thought not. It was not so much that she was jealous of Fielding's youth, as that she shrank from any appearance of disloyalty to his age. "And yet," she said, "I feel that no one has a right to be young when he is old.

But I do not resent it is not my way "beareth all things," Miss Lake, "beareth all things" I hope I try to practise the precept; but the fact of being misunderstood shall not deter me from the discharge of a simple duty. 'If it is part of your duty, Sir, to make yourself intelligible, may I beg that you will do it without further delay.