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These, then, must also be suffered to affect conduct in the practical domain, much or little according as they are forcibly or feebly present to the mind of each. Now, a man's view of the universe is mostly a view of the civilised society in which he lives.

The publication in 1859 of The Origin of Species gave D. an acknowledged place among the greatest men of science, and the controversies which, along with other of his works, it raised, helped to carry his name all over the civilised world.

We believe that the only excuse for the existence of the State is to serve the individual, to create conditions which will insure the greatest liberty and highest possible development to the individual citizen. It has never seemed to us creditable to the German intellect that it could be satisfied with a theory of government outgrown by most other civilised nations.

Indeed, I may say that to an ordinary civilised man who never saw it, the scene is inconceivable, so we will pass on. While these stirring events were taking place inside the hall, a black-faced, red-painted savage was flattening his ugly nose against a pane of glass outside one of the windows. It was Attick, whom our chief had convicted of stealing about the time of our arrival.

It is held by what he calls the 'clerisy. Its functions are, in the first place, to provide a career by which the poorest classes may rise to a higher position; and secondly, to provide for the development of all the qualities which distinguish the civilised man from the savage.

These men added nothing to the knowledge of the civilised world as it then existed, save and except in one particular, which was, as Kheyr-ed-Din explained to Soliman the Magnificent on a certain memorable occasion, that he who rules on the sea will rule on the land also. This period was one in which great men abounded.

I know that for a fact. He's quite civilised, you know. You needn't be afraid of him." "Afraid!" exclaimed Hilary. Turning, she found the new-comer looking at her with brown eyes that were soft under the bushy brows. "He can't be a red man," she said to herself. "He hasn't got the cheek-bones."

This folklore represents, in the midst of a civilised race, the savage ideas out of which civilisation has been evolved. The conclusion will usually be that the fact which puzzles us by its presence in civilisation is a relic surviving from the time when the ancestors of a civilised race were in the state of savagery.

Strange, is it not, that in barbaric as well as in civilised lands, people are apt to regard as rubbish that which they do not understand? So thought the Court Physician, but he wisely held his tongue and sat down. "This book," said the Prime Minister, pointing with a look of mingled contempt and exasperation to the volume on the Secretary's knee, "is worse than the last.

Each of us who is educated, civilised, converted to the knowledge and love of God, it is his sin and shame that he is NOT that. Above all, it is the clergyman's sin and shame that he is not. Ay, believe me, when I blame you, I blame myself ten thousand times more.

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