And that since she had no intention of spending a few months on the trip, and since a private citizen didn't have the ghost of a chance at squeezing aboard a Federation packet on the Manon run was going to be expensive. In fact, it was likely to take the bulk of her savings. Under the circumstances, however, expense wasn't important.

A citizen himself can not by contract or otherwise divest himself of the right, nor can this Government escape the obligation, of his protection in his personal and property rights when these are unjustly infringed in a foreign country.

We venture to say that the average citizen little realizes how possible it is to secure the passage of a law that is clearly necessary for the better protection of wild life and forests. Because of this, and of the necessity for exact knowledge, I shall here set down specific instructions on this subject.

Section 2. The Relation of the State to the Citizen. First, let us consider the relation of the state to the citizens that is to say, to that portion of the community, usually a minority, which was possessed of full political rights. It is here that we have the key to that limitation of size which we have seen to be essential to the idea of the city-state.

Jim has never let the fact that he kept a livery-stable and drove a hack interfere with his position as leading citizen. He keeps a livery-stable, because that is his business, and he drives a hack because he cannot trust such a valuable piece of property in the hands of the boy.

Vine such advice with regard to the use of it as seems to me, as a private individual and a citizen of the United States, judicious." Phineas Duge took up his hat. "As to that," he said, "I have nothing to say, beyond this. However things may shape themselves in the immediate future, my influence will, I believe, still prove something to be reckoned with on the other side. That influence, Mr.

"Ah, sir," he said to his neighbor, who was no other than the abbe, "will you be so kind, should my memory fail me, as to repeat what that gentleman who has just gone out said?" He began to write immediately, and the abbe's memory agreeing with his, he had the satisfaction of transcribing literally and verbatim the speech made by the Companion of Jehu to citizen Jean Picot.

In the long run the one vital factor in the permanent prosperity of the country is the high individual character of the average American worker, the average American citizen, no matter whether his work be mental or manual, whether he be farmer or wage-worker, business man or professional man.

"Well, for goodness sake! as a duty to your fellow-creatures talk sense. Here, sit down," Mr. Rayne continued, rising himself, "I must excuse myself for half-an-hour. I've not had a look at the Citizen yet, and I must be off soon to official duties." Guy Elersley was well satisfied to be a substitute in Mr. Rayne's vacant chair.

Civil society doth more content the nature of man than any private kind of solitary living, because in society this good of mutual participation is so much larger than otherwise. Which thing Socrates intending to signify professed himself a citizen, not of this or that commonwealth, but of the world. Studies serve for delight, for ornament, and for ability.