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"Oh, you are so dreadfully literal!" she shrugged, brushing her straight, sensitive nose with the pink blossom; "I only said it to give you a chance. … If you are going to be stupid, good night!" But she made no movement to go. … "Yes, then; I have avoided you. And it doesn't become you to ask why." "Because I kissed you?"

Its fur is difficult to manipulate, as it will not lie flat, so the koala should have been left in peace. But its confiding and somewhat stupid nature, and the senseless desire of small boys and "children of larger growth" to kill something wild just for the sake of killing, has led to the koala being almost exterminated in many places.

"Are you certain, bos'un, that you did not take the turns yourself while the people were on deck and then get them all to go to sleep that you might make them believe your story?" asked some one outside in a feigned voice. "Wouldn't it be easier, stupid, to invent the story from beginning to end, if I wanted to impose on any one?" asked Mr Johnson, with pretended indignation.

You ought to have had more consideration for me, seeing how dull I was, and how stupid it is here, with nothing to do and nothing to talk about. 'My meetings with Mr. Done have been merely friendly. It would not amuse you in the least to hear our conversation repeated. Lucy felt that her face was scarlet. She was angry and combative. 'Come, now, is that fair? continued Mrs.

But can't you do somethin'? It were amazin' stupid of me, old Abe Abercrombie, t' be took in by a boy like him! Can't you do somethin'?" "I'm going to try," announced Tom determinedly, as he swung on toward the Foger house. "I'll cause his arrest if he doesn't give it up." A few minutes later Tom Swift and Abe confronted Mr. Foger.

"Oh, then, you have been wearing stays clandestinely?" "Why, you know I have. Oh, what a stupid! I have let it all out." "How could you do it, when you knew, by experience, it is your death?" "But it looks so beautiful, a tiny waist." "It looks as hideous as a Chinese foot, and, to the eye of science, far more disgusting; it is the cause of so many unlovely diseases."

And then everybody burst into a peal of laughter, Feather with the rest. "She calls me the Lady Downstairs," she said. "I really believe she doesn't know. She's rather a stupid little thing." "Amazing lack of filial affection," said Lord Coombe. He was not laughing like the rest and he was looking down at Robin. She thought him ugly and wicked looking.

It is certain that the most ignorant and stupid peasants nay infants, nay even brute beasts improve by experience, and learn the qualities of natural objects, by observing the effects which result from them.

"Like that face Andrew made for us out of a hollow pumpkin, with a candle inside?" suggested Nancy. "You're always so stupid, Nancy!" said Ambrose scornfully. "I know what Pennie means about Miss Unity; I've seen her eyes look nice too. Don't you remember, too, how kind she was when Dickie was so rude to her? I've never been so afraid of her since that."

What Nurse in England could be expected to enter into so philosophical an investigation of the habits of society? Hermione's did nothing but assure her it was time to be off, and she only hoped she would sit still and talk prettily, and never trouble her head whether it was stupid or not.