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"I'm sure," she said softly, "that if I ever do say it oh, no, I didn't say I would" for he had seized her hands quickly "if I ever do say it it will certainly be proudly. But now you don't even know my name my right one. You don't know what I do, nor where I come from, nor what I want with this disgusting bundle of money.

"I do not touch upon the substance of the question," continued the Nabob. "I am sure that your report is impartial and just, such a report as your conscience must have dictated. But certain disgusting slanders have been set on foot concerning myself, to which I have not replied, and which may have influenced the opinion of the committee. That is the subject on which I wish to speak to you.

I know why Cecilia's pity is so reverent, so pure. A great London doctor said to me once, 'Remember, nothing is shocking or disgusting to a doctor. That is like Cecilia. No suffering could ever be disgusting or shocking to Cecilia, nor ridiculous, nor grotesque. The more humiliating it was, the more pitiful it would be to her. Anything that suffers is sacred to Cecilia.

He turned down the nice counterpane, and there, in the blanket, the disgusting creatures swarmed. I was shocked, and half rose, in the impulse to make an outcry, but he warned me not to let any one know he had told me, or it would be bad for him. I asked why he did not tell the surgeon. "He knows all about them, and says they cannot be helped." "You have Sisters of Charity here; tell them."

She hunts up references and bibliographies at the Museum for people who are writing books. She looks up everything that has been written on a given subject, and then, when she has crammed herself to bursting-point with facts, she goes to her client and disgorges and crams him or her, and he or she finally disgorges into the Press." "What a disgusting way to put it!" said his daughter.

"Disgusting!" ejaculated Mrs Major Negus, raising her nose in the air with an expression of intense scorn. "I for one, sir, will never descend to adopt Chinese fashions and live on rats and mice, whatever you may have learnt to do in your travels." "Pray, do not alarm yourself," interposed Mr Meldrum, laughing. "Can't you see that Mr Lathrope is only joking!

It's perfectly disgusting to have to insist like this, but you see, father, it's the only way." She had spoken very quickly, yet very deliberately. She walked over to a table which stood in one of the windows, carefully selected a volume, and, drawing a chair to the side of her father's bed, sat down.

"I have happened, I and my miserable disgusting mind and brain and temperament. That's all!" "You are very severe on yourself." "Tell me have you ever been severe on me in your mind? You don't really know me. Nobody does or ever will. But you know me what is called well. Have you ever been mentally severe, hard on me?" "Yes, sometimes," he answered gravely.

Oh, how disgusting!" and if at that moment Breckon were really coming up to sit by her, she would blush to her hair, and wish to run away, and failing the force for this, would sit cold and blank to his civilities, and have to be skilfully and gradually talked back to self-respect and self-tolerance.

With such an education she naturally thought her position not at all unusual, and was very much chagrined at the short duration of her liaison with the Emperor; while the mother was in despair, and said to me with disgusting simplicity, "See my poor Lise, how she has ruined her complexion in her vexation at seeing herself neglected, poor child.

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