But at length during the examination of Scevinus, in his solicitude to appear zealous in Nero's cause he overacted his part, so far as to press Scevinus too earnestly with his inquiries, until at length Scevinus turned indignantly toward him saying "Why do you ask these questions?

In danger, press the button. That's the best I can do for you, since you decide to stick. I don't believe anything more will happen to-night, but from now on you will be watched. Never come directly to my apartment. Break your journey two or three times with taxis. Always use Elevator Four. The boy is mine; belongs to the service. So our Bolshevik friends won't gather anything about you from him."

She was probably still down on the books as stenographer, although at fifty dollars a week now, and it was six years since she had taken a letter. It was a gray day in cold and tardy spring when Bruce Visigoth sent for her one of those heavy afternoons that darken up at four o'clock and press thick as gravy against the windows.

"Don't be blatantly British, Roy! You can flatter yourself you know as well as I do!" "I know it's undiplomatic to contradict my elders!" countered Roy, lunging after pipe and pouch. "Especially convenient godfathers, with press connections?" Roy fronted him squarely, laughter lurking in his eyes. "Are you going to be convenient that's the rub!

But when you once talk of your rights and your wrongs in love, all love is gone, or going. I hope it hasn't come to that with Reckage!" "You have great knowledge of him and know how to press it home when you choose. Can't you see, plainly enough, that he is on the road to disaster?" "No. One may easily be a long way from happiness and still be nowhere near disaster," he said, checking a deep sigh.

He could not say: "But I wish to press you upon the points; to ascertain beyond doubt that Frederick Massingbird did really die; that he is not living." "Did Cannonby stay until he was buried?" he asked aloud. "Yes." "You are sure of this?" Sibylla looked at him curiously. She could not think why he was recalling this; why want to know it?

In 1812 Louisiana, a slave state, came in to make the eighteenth addition. When war with England was declared in order to protect our commerce, again the New England States wanted to secede. Bells were tolled, business was suspended, flags were at half-mast, and the war was condemned in town meetings from the press and the pulpit. They believed it would ruin rather than protect commerce.

But perhaps the most extraordinary case of university advertising that has come to my attention was when, not so very long ago, a certain state institution of the Middle West bought editorials in the country press at advertising rates for the sole purpose of influencing the state legislature to make them a larger appropriation.

"To press your hand, Nicholl, and to prevent you from either killing Barbicane or being killed by him." "Barbicane!" returned the captain. "I have been looking for him for the last two hours in vain. Where is he hiding?"

In the markets every tenth animal was removed by Imperial officers, every tenth newspaper was impounded as it left the press, and every tenth drink about to be consumed in the hostelries of the Empire was, after a simulacrum of proffering it, suddenly removed by the waiter and poured into a receptacle, the keys of which were very jealously guarded.