They scarcely drink during meals, and afterwards, as a rule, only wash their mouths out, instead of taking a long draught like the European. Mr. DALRYMPLE is right in saying that a State visit is like a Quakers' meeting.

"Well, it seemed to be pretty generally known about Bloomsbury that Todd had not always been as straight as he is today; and lots of people believed he would never hold his place a week; but he's had it all summer now, and seems to be giving satisfaction, all right," Frank went on to say. "But there was a past, you mean; Todd had gone the pace, and used to drink and gamble, I suppose.

Doctor Carpenter, a well-known physician, tells of a crew of sixty-six men who tried to stay in Hudson Bay all winter. They used some alcoholic drink. Only two of the party lived through the winter. Later another party of twenty-two men passed the winter in the same place.

To advance would mean capture, and that too would mean death. For the barest fraction of an instant he hesitated, and then his quick American wits came to his aid. Feigning intoxication he answered the challenge in dubious Austrian that he hoped his maudlin tongue would excuse. "Friend," he answered thickly. "Friend with a drink have one?"

He doesn't care about that now." "Doesn't he?" "Well, you can judge for yourself. He isn't here, is he? You take my word for it. Don't you bother about him. I am advising you as a friend." "Thank you," said, Davidson, inwardly startled at the savage tone. "I think I will sit down for a moment and have a drink, after all." This was not what Schomberg had expected to hear. He called brutally: "Boy!"

Sir, she was a prisoner then, and I did not like to mention it; that perhaps was wrong, but I couldn't help being ashamed." "There was nothing wrong in that feeling," answered the clergyman, gently. "I am glad you think so," replied the child, "for now I am sure you will not want me to tell you all that has ever happened how she took to drink when I was a little, little girl.

You shall drink your reward at Christmas-time," said one of the dealers to his porters, who, stout, strong men as they were, showed a disposition to grumble at their task.

On one occasion, when she had two young friends spending the evening, her father came home reckless and wild with drink, and his language toward the young men was so shocking, and his manner in general so outrageous, that they were glad to get away.

Consequently it has no bad music and no crowd of persons from Missouri whose women risk salvation for an evening by smoking cigarettes. Here prosperous Oriental merchants, of mild natures and bandit faces, drink semi-liquid Turkish coffee and discuss rugs and revolutions. In fact, the place seemed so unartificial that Theresa, facing Mr. Wrenn, was bored.

Abou Hassan sitting down with the pretended Moussul merchant again, filled out a glass of wine before he touched the fruit; and holding it in his hand, said to the caliph, "You know, sir, that the cock never drinks before he calls to his hens to come and drink with him; I invite you to follow my example.