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I cannot say that I was discontented; indeed, I have always found that the harder my labour is and the straiter my lot, the less room I have for discontent. With this peasant, his family, his pigs, hens and goats, Belviso and I lived, in a hovel which, had it not been roofed over, might have been a cote or a pigsty.

Munn, with the crock of butter; poor Hannah herself far behind; and lastly, Isaac and Rebekah, their necks outthrust, their wings wide, streaming along like a pair of comets, with a long, spreading tail of hens, all noisily hopeful that this unusual commotion meant an unusual meal. Down the lane zigzagged the swift procession, Hannah floundering farther and farther in the rear.

She had got to the door when Damaris spoke. "Janie, you know all about birds, don't you?" "Hens, dearie." "Well!" The girl's voice came muffled, as though she had drawn the sheet about her face. "Supposing a hawk " "Hawks aren't hens, dearie." "Well hens! Supposing you had a breed of hens that were all all oh! any colour "

Tutt in a moment of inspiration. "My God, chief!" exclaimed O'Brien at four o'clock. "There ain't a white rooster to be had anywhere! Hens, yes! By the hundred! But roosters are extinct! Tomorrow will be the twenty-first day of this prosecution and not a witness sworn yet."

Joshua always did and the summer people never seemed to tire of hearing him recite it. There are eighteen more verses. "I shall not be ashamed of you, Hephzy," I repeated. "You know it perfectly well. And I shall not go unless you go." "But I can't go, Hosy. I couldn't leave the hens and the cat. They'd starve; you know they would." "Susanna will look after them.

What do your fat horses eat oats for? What, you do not understand me yet? Be off at once, this minute, and have the horses put in the large closed chariot in which I came here, and bring it to the door. Ah! At last you see daylight; now, take to your heels and fly!" And she clapped her hands as if she were driving hens off a garden-bed; Katharina had no alternative but to obey.

Up, up at the sky, how deep, how blue. Is there a God? There must be Something; look at each perfect blade of grass. An airplane across the blue. There's something gained. Automobiles in stately procession proud as horses ever were. Automobiles proudly rolling, swings swinging, people passing, and the swimming of all the water fowls, the swans, the Japanese ducks and the little mud hens.

It was too tempting an offer to be refused, and I forthwith bestowed my affections on a beautiful grey pullet, whose dignified carriage and speckled exterior bespoke her high lineage. "That's Kitty," said Mrs. C . "I am so glad you fancy her; she is one of my nicest young hens. We'll catch her for you in a moment."

And the cocks and hens, even the peacock and the turkey-cock, knew her perfectly, and would come when she called them, if not altogether out of affection for her, at least out of hope in her bounty; and she had not yet arrived at the painful wisdom of beginning to question motives a wisdom which misleads more than it guides. She loved them, and that was enough for her.

And that if I told the whole, you would pick it to pieces like hens round a scrap of meat? Man without thought! Can I not see the dangers? Have I no eyes no ears? Do I need a frog to croak to me of risks whichever way I turn? Do I need men to hang back, or men to lend me courage?" "Who hangs back?" said I. "Nay, forward! I will die beside you, sahib!"