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"I wouldn't leave a friend to suffer when I had plenty of money in my pocket," said Luke, with an injured air. "If you had been a different sort of fellow I would have asked you for five dollars to keep me along till I can get work. I've come back with empty pockets." "I'll lend you five dollars if you need it," said Harry, who judged from Luke's appearance that he told the truth.

I flinched no more than a stone. I was as solid standing there as this," he tapped lightly with his knuckles the wall beside his chair. "It was as though I had heard it all, seen it all, gone through it all twenty times already. I wasn't afraid of them. I drew back my fist and he stopped short, muttering "'Ah! it's you. Lend a hand quick. "That's what he said. Quick!

That may sustain my life until I am picked up. If you win, over I go and you eat me. Are you in the game? Well, here goes, then, for life or death.... Ah! you have won! And this is a game of honor!" A black-smoking steamer was steadily approaching the drifting boat, for the lookout had reported the discovery, and the steamer was bearing down to lend succor.

That and Dampier's Voyages were the only two books of my father's library that I ever thought worth reading. Have, you ever read it?" "No," replied I, "I never have. Will you lend it to me?" "Yes; I'll give it to you, Jack, if you like." "Thank you. Was your father a sailor, Spicer, as well as you?" "Yes, Jack; a sailor, every inch of him." "Did you ever sail with him?"

I have heard of a clergyman who made such a bet, and who lost it, and who paid it, and who got the bishopric. "Ah! who will lend me the five thousand? Will you, sir? asked the chaplain. "No, sir! I won't give her five thousand to be made Commander-in-Chief or Pope of Rome," says the Colonel, stoutly.

It was "Jack, old boy, I'm damned sorry, but I must have another thousand;" or, "Jack! these infernal scamps of creditors are worrying the life out of me, can you, will you, lend me a trifle a couple of thousand will do it" and so on so on, ad infinitum. John Martin never refused, and at the time of Davenport's illness, the latter owed him something like a hundred thousand pounds.

The Curé rose and began repinning his clerical garments. "Where is Jakapa? Have you a pair of snowshoes to lend me? You must forgive my agitation, Monsieur, but you do not understand I which way?" "He should be at Mile End, just above the Bijou. Sit still, Father; I will send for him. The wind sets right. I'll call him in."

After all, it was only very low people who got drunk and wallowed in the mire. How they shake hands, and swear eternal friendship, and seem generously willing to lend or give away all they have in the world! So thought I, as my mind was made up to accept the invitation of my friend.

It is unthinkable that either the sagacious, peaceloving, peacemaking monarch on the throne or his Ministers and people would lend themselves to committing the senseless blunders that disgraced our name at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

She must have understood him in spite of his faltering, for she sighed and said, "Ah, yes, Mr. Tiralla doesn't care much for reading. He eats, drinks, sleeps, and " she also faltered and blushed. And then she gave him a long look out of her black eyes, so that his heart stood still. "I shall be very grateful to you if you'll lend me some books," she continued in a soft voice. "Mr.