At once, he gave orders that Barry should be removed to his own stateroom, which was large and airy and open to the sea breezes. The effect was immediately apparent, for the change of room, and more especially the touch of human sympathy, did much to restore Barry to his normal health and spirits. A friendship sprang up between the M. O. and the chaplain.

Indeed I had vainly sought permission from the German ambassador to take him with the regiment to Santiago. One Sunday before the regiment disbanded I supplemented Chaplain Brown's address to the men by a short sermon of a rather hortatory character.

He was appointed accordingly chaplain to Anne Boleyn's father, and was one of those sent on the embassy to meet the Pope and Charles V. at Bologna. During his wanderings in Germany he was brought into close relationship with many of the leading Reformers, and following their teaching and example he took to himself a wife in the person of the well-known Lutheran divine, Osiander.

"Now, Jemmy, let's have a song." "It must be without the fiddle then," replied Jemmy, "for that's jammed up with the baggage so here goes." I've often heard the chaplain say, when Davey Jones is nigh, That we must call for help in need, to Providence on high, But then he said, most plainly too, that we must do our best, Our own exertions failing, leave to Providence the rest.

The clergy, however, were not so obedient to him as usual; they had been disputing with him for some time about his unjust preference of Italian Priests in England; and they had begun to doubt whether the King's chaplain, whom he allowed to be paid for preaching in seven hundred churches, could possibly be, even by the Pope's favour, in seven hundred places at once.

Each guest partook of an excellent repast of meat and vegetables, with a sufficiency of beer and pipes to follow. The chaplain said a short grace before supper, and a patient, who must have been a retired Methodist preacher, improved upon the brief benediction by a long rambling "asking of a blessing," to which nobody paid any attention.

So home late at night and to bed. 29th. Lord's day. I and my boy Will to Whitehall, and I with my Lord to White Hall Chappell, where I heard a cold sermon of the Bishop of Salisbury's, and the ceremonies did not please me, they do so overdo them. My Lord went to dinner at Kensington with my Lord Camden. So I dined and took Mr. Birfett, my Lord's chaplain, and his friend along with me, with Mr.

This was at first planned between the governor and chaplain, but when it was ready Marsden was under Colonel Macquarie's displeasure, and was therefore excluded from all share in the management, though the site was actually in his own parish of Paramatta.

The first woman I was in love with myself was forty; and as jealous as if she had been fifteen. It runs in the family. If this lad chooses to take out an elderly princess to Virginia, we must not balk him." "'Twere a consummation devoutly to be wished!" cries the chaplain.

I confess that since I have come to be associated with you, I am conscious of a very real, and at times, distressing limitation of my vocabulary. I may not be more virtuous, but certainly I am more respectable." This sentiment, however, brought little comfort to the chaplain. "I am not a policeman," he protested, "and I am not going to play policeman to these men.