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"He means by that, you are to ask Matilda whether she's ready for another batch of sewing stuff that both of our mothers have ready, which I happen to know is the case. And then I suppose Brother Lu will ask us to join them on their little holiday outing, since he's made himself master of ceremonies for today.

After these had finished, a number of wooden bowls full of maize porridge were put down between the guests one bowl to each couple facing each other. But before commencing a portion was laid aside and dedicated to their gods, with various mysterious ceremonies; for here, as in other places where the gospel is not known, the poor savages fancied that they could propitiate God with sacrifices.

Temple of Jupiter Ammon. Alexander aspires to divine honors. Alexander crosses the desert. Its sublimity. The camel. Scarcity of water. Sand storms in the desert. Arrival at the Oasis. Magnificent ceremonies. Return to Memphis. Alexander jokes about his divinity. Founding of Alexandria. Island of Pharos. The light-house. Alexandria the only remaining monument of Alexander's greatness.

His father Philip, being in Samothrace, when he was quite young, fell in love there with Olympias, in company with whom he was initiated in the religious ceremonies of the country, and her father and mother being both dead, soon after, with the consent of her brother Arymbas, he married her.

It was the heart alone that was the seat of religion; wherefore, no self-styled Revelation that contradicted Nature could be true. Right Religion was according to Right Reason; but no religion was reasonable that could set brother against brother. All ceremonies were opposed to Reason. Goodness was the only true religion.

They affirmed, that if the Being, who is the same through all eternity, had designed to abolish those sacred rites which had served to distinguish his chosen people, the repeal of them would have been no less clear and solemn than their first promulgation: that, instead of those frequent declarations, which either suppose or assert the perpetuity of the Mosaic religion, it would have been represented as a provisionary scheme intended to last only to the coming of the Messiah, who should instruct mankind in a more perfect mode of faith and of worship: that the Messiah himself, and his disciples who conversed with him on earth, instead of authorizing by their example the most minute observances of the Mosaic law, would have published to the world the abolition of those useless and obsolete ceremonies, without suffering Christianity to remain during so many years obscurely confounded among the sects of the Jewish church.

To close the dance, both societies will finally appear together, and with them representatives of the tribe at large. All together they will go through the same succession of ceremonies, in token that all acquiesce in the sentiments of the Koshare and the Cuirana, that each individual for himself and in behalf of all the others joins in giving thanks for the past and praying for the future.

He was a man named Goodrich, a quiet mannered, untalkative person, and as might be expected he had made little or no progress as yet. He said nothing could be done until after the funeral and the reading of the will, which ceremonies would occur the next afternoon. I talked but little to Mr.

"I'm afraid you couldn't either of you find it," Miss Axewright began. "We'll both try," said the ex-master of ceremonies. "Where do you think it is?" "Well, it's in the case on the piano." "That doesn't sound very intricate," said Gaites, and they all laughed. As soon as the two men were out of the house, the ex-master of ceremonies confided: "That name is a very tender spot with Miss Desmond.

At length it touched at an isle, it was carried through the breakers to a resting place on the sand. Its oarsmen rejoiced, they danced a dance of thanksgiving to their gods, and wreathed the ti leaves in their hair. At this moment Haabunai, master of ceremonies, gave a cry of dismay and ceased to beat his drum.