The former, from their great age and the peculiarities they exhibited, were well worthy a place in any antiquarian's armoury. I remember in particular one that hung in the Ti, and which Mehevi supposing as a matter of course that I was able to repair it had put into my hands for that purpose.

It was in vain that the panic-stricken Ti Hung goaded his miserable son-in-law to correct the mistake; it was equally in vain that he tried to stem the current of his enormous commercial popularity. He had competed for public favour, and he had won it, and every day his business increased till ruin grasped him by the pigtail.

If you have got the grit he had at Ti, I'll bet on you." Many times Robert had heard his father tell the story of the Rifle Rangers, the service they performed, the hardships they endured, and the bravery and coolness of John Stark in battle. Through the afternoon the mare trotted on, halting at sunset at Jacob Abbott's stable in Andover. It was noon the next day when Robert reached Cambridge.

In the end one of the sections of Turks accepted Chinese overlordship, and some tribes of the other section were brought over to the Chinese side; also, fresh disunion was sown among the Turks. Under the emperor Yang Ti, P'ei Chü carried this policy further. He induced the Tölös tribes to attack the T'u-yü-hun, and then himself attacked the latter, so destroying their power.

I'll tell you: you be my gift to the orero." "Very well; and let me have another word. When you have a lot of ti at Sawau, we will go to cook it, and will appear safe and sound." Next morning Tui N'Kualita built a big oven. Tui Namoliwai appeared and signed to him to follow. "Maybe you are fooling me, and will kill me," said Tui N'Kualita. "What?

"And it was on to Kilauea the dream so near its ending; and of course we tossed into the pit of sea-surging lava our offerings to the Fire-Goddess of maile leis and of fish and hard poi wrapped moist in the ti leaves. And we continued down through old Puna, and feasted and danced and sang at Kohoualea and Kamaili and Opihikao, and swam in the clear, sweet-water pools of Kalapana.

In the distance could be seen the long front of the Ti, its immense piazza swarming with men, arrayed in every variety of fantastic costume, and all vociferating with animated gestures; while the whole interval between it and the place where I stood was enlivened by groups of females fancifully decorated, dancing, capering, and uttering wild exclamations.

Donna, quel giorno ch' io ti vidi in prima, Dimmi, hai Tu scôrto sul mio volto i segni Dell' anima commossa? Hai Tu veduto Come trepida innanzi io ti venia, E come reverenza e maraviglia Tenean sospesa sull' indocil labbro La parola mal certa?

In our last chapter we alluded to the food of the Samoans, and now proceed to a description of their clothing, the materials of which it is made, their modes of ornament, etc. "They sewed" ti "leaves together, and made themselves aprons."

The net- makers of Ti Wi earned between a dollar and two dollars a year. They lived on such wages, or, at least, they did not die on them. But for the towing coolies there were pickings, which were what made the profession honourable and the guild a close and hereditary corporation or labour union. One junk in five that was dragged up through the rapids or lowered down was wrecked.