Meanwhile, one man besides André Certa had seen in the disappearance of the young Jewess, a proof of the existence of Martin Paz; it was the Sambo. He was wandering in the streets of Lima, when the cry uttered by the Indian fixed his attention; it was a signal of rally well known to him!

So, when the mestizo had manifested his displeasure on this subject, the old man remained mute and pensive, and André Certa broke the silence, saying: "Do you forget that the motive for which I espouse Sarah will compel her to become a convert to Catholicism? It is not my fault," added the mestizo; "but in spite of you, in spite of me, in spite of herself, it will be so."

He demands a philosophia et certa et utilis. If, finally, his methodical deliberateness, especially in his later works, leads him into wearisome diffuseness, this pedantry is made good by his genuinely German, honest spirit, which manifests itself agreeably in his judgment on practical questions. Detailed extracts may be found in Erdmann's Versuch einer wissenschaftlichen Darstellung, ii. 2.

After having jostled André Certa, he looked at him fixedly, but with no particular expression. "Miserable Indian!" exclaimed the mestizo, raising his hand upon him. His companions restrained him. Milleflores, whose face was pale with terror, exclaimed: "André! André! take care." "A vile slave! to presume to elbow me!" "It is a madman! it is the Sambo!"

He traversed San Lazaro throughout, saw André Certa there, enraged and armed, and the Jew Samuel, in the extremity of distress, not for the loss of his daughter, but for the loss of his hundred thousand piasters; but he found not Martin Paz, whom he was impatiently seeking. He ran to the consistorial prison. Nothing! He returned home. Nothing! He mounted his horse and hastened to Chorillos.

He stopped not far from the boat of the mestizo, and listened. "But what proof of the identity of the daughter shall I carry to the father?" asked André Certa of the Jew. "You will recall to him the circumstances under which he lost her." "What were these circumstances?" Martin Paz, now scarcely above the waves, listened without understanding.

André Certa concealed the fact of his having been repulsed by several noble families, into which he had sought to introduce himself.

They were there, foot against foot, breast against breast, their faces touched, and their glances mingled in a single gleam; their movements became rapid, even invisible; neither friends nor enemies could approach them; in this terrible embrace respiration failed, both fell. André Certa raised himself above Martin Paz, whose poignard had escaped his grasp.

"Well, to oblige your lordship, I will furnish you with the required sum; although, at this moment I ought not to part with money; for I am about to marry my daughter to the caballero André Certa. Do you know him, sir?" "I do not know him, and I beg of you to send me this instant, the sum agreed upon. Take away these jewels." "Will you have a receipt for them?" asked the Jew.

If the former, the world cannot exist at all: for what terminates it, viz. Brahman, is something eternal; and the injunction thus being eternal itself Cannot be accomplished by means of certa n actions. Let then the latter alternative be accepted!