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"Well," replied the Persian, "if the carpets do not arrive, the drafts will not arrive either, I suppose." "And the profits, Father Abraham!" exclaimed the little Jew, "do you reckon them as nothing?" "You are right," said another; "goods from Central Asia run a great risk in the market, and it will be the same with the tallow and shawls from the East."

The corrie behind me was lit up with the westering sun, and the bald cliffs were flushed with pink and gold. On each side of the stream was turf like a lawn, perhaps a hundred yards wide, and then a tangle of long heather and boulders right up to the edge of the great rocks. I had never seen a more delectable evening, but I could not enjoy its peace because of my anxiety about the Portuguese Jew.

"I shall not fly the trial," said the yeoman, with the composure which marked his whole deportment. "Meanwhile, stand up, ye Saxon churls," said the fiery Prince; "for, by the light of Heaven, since I have said it, the Jew shall have his seat amongst ye!"

He was tall and haggard; a long beard descended to his waist. His peculiar nose the most marked characteristic of his race, long and beak-shaped, yet not exactly aquiline marked the Jew. He looked anxiously around. "Thou art Abraham of Toledo?" The Hebrew bowed submissively. "A compounder of poisons?" "Say rather of medicines, lord; for the making of one is the rule of the other, the exception."

It is impossible to describe the extremity of terror which seized upon the Jew at this information, and seemed at once to overpower his whole faculties.

The wedding will take place in six weeks. Well, why do you stand glowering there?" she demanded impatiently. "What have you got to say?" "I have got to say," replied Douglas, then his voice broke a little, "that I don't see how you can do it, or put that fat Jew tradesman into my father's place!"

I begged to be introduced to the celebrated and flattering artist." It is a fact to the cook; and another fact, which only shows that the Hebrew baron is a Jew d'esprit, is that after coffee, the cook actually came up, and was presented to her.

"I fear so. Wilt thou pray for her, my father?" Abraham looked up in amazement. "A Christian ask the prayers of a Jew!" exclaimed he. "Why not?" replied Bruno. "Were not Christ and all His apostles Jews? And thou art a good and true man, my father. The God of Israel heareth the prayers of the righteous." "Canst thou account a Jew righteous? one who believes not in thy Messiah?"

It was found impossible to make a stand here, so the withdrawal continued to a point where the 13th Sussex Regiment had dug themselves in on Jew Hill. "About two hours elapsed, when it was found that a party of the enemy were getting round their left flank.

The light from the one window was almost obscured by racks of musty-smelling black clothes which stretched away from him in two dismal aisles that resembled a morgue of unhappy dead men indecently hung up on hooks. On a long, clumsily carpentered table, a small Jew, collarless, sweaty, unshaven, was darning trousers under an evil mantle gaslight.