It might seem as though literature, living the life of a man, underwent that conviction in those ages. Death was as often on the tongues of men in older ages, and oftener in their hands, but in the sixteenth century it was at their hearts. The discovery of death did not shake the poets from their composure.

Lord Bearwarden had rung like any other arrival; but it must be allowed that his composure was somewhat ruffled when refused admittance by his own servant to his own house.

He had read each of all these sermons, at least once, to a congregation, with perfect composure and following indifference, if not peace of mind, but now he could not come on one with which he was even in sympathy not to say one of which he was certain that it was more true than false.

A nice living, only his mother to look after, and as good a young fellow as ever, stepped. Mrs. Thornburgh stopped, choked almost by her own eloquence. The girls, who had by this time established her between them on a garden-seat, looked at her with smiling composure. They were accustomed to letting her have her budget out.

His conscience was seldom asleep; but coals of remorse are endurable, however galling, if the winds of publicity do not threaten to fan them to a blaze. He tried desperately to cover his dread under a voice of harshness: "What have you to say to me?" Fran had lost the insolent composure which the secretary had inspired. Now that she was alone with Hamilton Gregory, it seemed impossible to speak.

The carpenter and one of his mates were stationed at the hawse-pipe, armed with their keenest axes, and stood ready to strike directly the word was given. In three minutes from the time that the order had been given to make sail, Mr Annesley turned to the skipper and said, with the utmost composure, "All ready, sir." "Where is Mr Percival?" inquired Captain Hood.

He then returned to the side of Houseman, whose flesh still quivered either with rage or fear, and, his own self- possession completely restored, stood gazing upon him with folded arms, and his usual deep and passionless composure of countenance; and Houseman, if he could not boldly confront, did not altogether shrink from, his eye.

"That difficulty is not insurmountable. I can lend them to you." Melrose's composure gave way. He brought his hand heavily down on the table. "I shall send them in as my own property in my own name!" Faversham eyed him. "But they are not they will not be your property." "I offer you three thousand pounds for them! four thousand five thousand if you want more you can have it.

I'm grieved all to death now," the girl said, with a composure in striking contrast to Marcel's obvious confusion. "I just am. I hadn't right. But I was scared scared to death. You don't understand that. Why, sure you don't. How could you? You're a man. I'm only a girl.

He soon had enough to talk of, and previously, as he remembered, he had never sustained a conversation of any length with composure and the beneficent sense of fulness.