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Now, in his paroxysm of awful remorse, the woman was forgotten, and he only realized the dread horror he had committed. He had slain his brother! He was a murderer! For what? At the thought he almost threw the body from him as he sprang to his feet. "No, no! not murder," he cried, in a choking voice. "It was fair fight."

He could slip from concentrated reproaches to the liveliest remorse for himself as The Automobilist in General, or for himself as England, or for himself as Man.

At all events, I should not, I think, have been cruel." Not for the first time did remorse for that fourth feather which she had added to the three, seize upon her. She sat now crushed by it into silence. Captain Willoughby, however, was a stubborn man, unwilling upon any occasion to admit an error.

He pours out his soul in song; tells the tale of his loves, his joys and sorrows, of his faults and failings, and the awful pangs of remorse. And if a man be candid and sincere, he will be taken at his word when he makes the world his confessional, and calls himself a sinner.

"Bah! why did the fool get in my way?" was the first mental comment which he made when he caught sight of Lambert's body. Then with a final shrug of the shoulders he dismissed pity, horror or remorse, entirely from his thoughts. What he now did was to raise the smith's body from the ground and to strip it of its clothing. 'Twas a grim task, on which his chroniclers have never cared to dwell.

At other times, they were just like other men of their age; but Falloden, who knew them well, realised that they were both hag-ridden by remorse for what had happened in the summer. And indeed the attitude of a large part of the college towards them, and towards Falloden, when at rare intervals he showed himself there, could hardly have been colder or more hostile.

It is written on the parchments. I will hold my own." Don Silverio was silent; he was silent from remorse. He had told Adone what, without him, Adone would have lived and died never knowing or dreaming. He had thought only to stimulate the youth to gentle conduct, honourable pride, perhaps to some higher use of his abilities: no more than this.

Strange, yet the name of such a one is legion. But in the case of Old Aaron Rockharrt there might have been this additional motive the necessity to seek refuge from the pains of grief and remorse in the anxieties and activities of speculation. So he was very eager to get back as soon as possible to business and to enter at once upon the enterprise he had planned.

They spare themselves great waste of heart and some generous emotion, also remorse and self-accusations regarding the want of propriety, and the other ingredients which go to make up a white-muslin heroine. Harry Lothrop saw that my cheek was burning, and made a movement toward me. I tossed my head back, and moved down the sofa; he did not follow me, but smiled and mused in his old way.

"Yes, it is directly from there, but I brought it from heaven when I I left," said the fallen angel, with remorse in his voice. "It was my constant companion there.

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