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"It's high time to get up, sweet shepherd," the Angel begins; and goes on to tell that "in Bethlehem, quite near this place," the Saviour of the world has been born of a Virgin. "Perhaps you take me for a common peasant," the Shepherd answers, "talking to me like that! I am poor, but I'd have you to know that I come of good stock. In old times my great-great-grandfather was mayor of our village!

Oftentimes her mother sat and looked at her, thinking she beheld the very likeness of the angel in her dream. March was nearly passed. Olive's anxiety that the picture should be finished, and worthily finished, amounted almost to torture.

How can she see, seven hundred miles away, a dead woman who has been an angel all these years? Think! an angel, Sarah! So much better than I, and I I loved " Before or since, I never heard my mother speak like that. She broke off sharply, and froze back into her chilling voice. "We will say nothing about this, if you please. I do not believe a word of it."

"I am not afraid," she said firmly, "and I will ask the angel to have mercy on you." He rose from his seat with a faint cry of joy, and taking her hand bent over it with old-fashioned grace and kissed it. His fingers were as cold as ice, and his lips burned like fire, but Virginia did not falter, as he led her across the dusky room. On the faded green tapestry were broidered little huntsmen.

Your poor sister." "There, mama. Dear Dolly didn't live upon stilts, I'm sure. Even when she married." "Be-atrice!" "Dear me, mama! I hope you are not growing peevish. Peevish elderly people " "Auntie! I want to go home!" the small boy wailed. "You cannot go home now, dear," sighed his guardian angel.

As he disappeared among the trees, they heard him murmuring in a sing-song voice, "New occasions teach new duties," out of a poem by James Russell Lowell. "Ah," said MacIan, drawing a deep breath. "Don't you believe in prayer now? I prayed for an angel."

The clouds rose thicker and filled the whole air. Shouts and cries, as he drew near, were mingled with the crash of falling edifices. The earth trembled, and his horse stood still, regardless of the rowels, as if it had seen the angel of the Lord standing in his way.

Even as she spoke, the agitation of seeing her so suddenly awakened him, and he found himself lying trembling from head to foot. That radiant figure and mellow voice seemed to have struck his nightly keynote. Awake he could pray, and praise, and worship God; he was master of his thoughts. But if he closed his eyes in sleep, Margaret, or Satan in her shape, beset him, a seeming angel of light.

"Amelie, my darling Amelie!" exclaimed he; "I have prayed so long to see you, and they would not let me in." "It was partly my fault, Pierre," said she fondly. "I feared to let you see me. I feared to learn that you hate, as you have cause to do, the whole house of Repentigny! And yet you do not curse me, dear Pierre?" "My poor angel, you break my heart! I curse the house of Repentigny?

"Austin, you have married an angel!" said my uncle; and he was, I believe, the only brother-in-law who ever made so hazardous an assertion.