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I cannot say I was surprised, for it is what might be expected from Charlestown people.... As to returning home in the way I mentioned mama need not be at all uneasy on that score.

Emily, pouring out the lodger's supper beer, remarked that Miss Deleah was always one to keep things to herself, even when she had been a baby. "I can't imagine, Deleah, what he can have wanted with you," Mrs. Day said, in answer to Bessie's appeal. "It was nothing much, mama." "It couldn't have been nothing. At least say if it was good or bad," persisted the elder sister.

Why can't you ask him to do things the way you used to ask him when you were just in love with each other? Why don't you anyhow try it, mama, instead of ding-donging at him?" "'Ding-donging at him, Alice?" Mrs. Adams said, with a pathos somewhat emphasized. "Is that how my trying to do what I can for you strikes you?" "Never mind that; it's nothing to hurt your feelings."

Haas, if I was around you, I'd get fat laughing." "I wish you was." "Selene would have fits. 'Never get fat, mama, she says, 'if you don't want " "I don't mean that." "What?" "I mean I wish you was around me." She struck him then with her fan, but the color rose up into the mound of her carefully piled hair. "I always say I can see where Lester gets his comical ways.

Lucy put her hands on his smooth ruddy cheeks and kissed his lips and eyes with the quaintest imitation of her mother's trick of gesture. "Where have you been, Papa? We thought you were never coming? Mama said you were gone for a trip and would come to-day, but" her voice sank "she's been crying, and crying, and we don't know what's the matter. I'm so glad you've come."

Now you know I never could choose which of the girls I'd love to see most, because I want to see them all so very much. But I think he wants to see Olive; he's often said so; and he's asked me so much about her, and said he'd like to know her because she was so impudent to him. Why was she? Do you know, mama? I think it's so strange, when he's such a dear, darling uncle.

Mama was named Eliza too and papa George Ritchie. "When freedom was on papa went to Atlanta and got transportation to Chattanooga. I don't know why. He met me and mama. She picked me up and run away and met him. We went in a freight box. It had been a soldier's home great big house. We et on the first story out of tin pans. We had white beans or peas, crackers and coffee.

'I should say there was not a doubt about it, mama, returned Kate, with a cheerful smile. 'No; but DO you think so, Kate? said Mrs Nickleby, with as much gravity as if it were a question of the most imminent and thrilling interest.

Your blaming him makes it worse for me to bear, not better. Somehow this thing must be done somehow, if I am to know any peace, to be able to go on. Deleah, Reggie Forcus would do anything for you. Ask Reggie Forcus to do this." "Oh, mama! No!" "My account is overdrawn at the Bank. I dare not ask for a further amount. What would these few pounds be to him?

With all her littlenesses, all her lacks, mama is essentially that." And the sweetest moments of self-justification were those in which her heart really ached a little for "poor mama," moments in which she wondered whether the love that had come to her, in her great sorrow, high among the pine woods, had ever been her mother's to lose.