"Well, I suppose so, mama." "You mean you and Reggie Forcus consider yourselves engaged?" "I think so. But it was so difficult to catch every word in that galop. If he did not say the exact words he said as much." "Did he say anything about speaking to papa?" "No. But I said it." "You said it, Bessie?" "Well, mama! Reggie did not seem to wish to be bothered." "I see."

Sir Francis Forcus was standing with his back to the empty fireplace in his private room at the Brewery, a copy of the local daily newspaper in his hand. It was a pleasant room, although the view from the two open windows was only of the tall black wharves and warehouses across the way.

She was very smiling, very happy and excited and flushed, through the concert. She looked so pretty, so like the Bessie of the "party" days of old, that Deleah thought not only Reginald Forcus but every man who saw her must admire her pretty sister.

Sir Francis had wished, seeing that he must appear there, to appear unobtrusively, but Ada had thought that she also painful as it was must be present, and Ada could not go afoot. The Forcus carriage, therefore, had been conspicuous in the meagre procession following the little coffin to the cemetery.

She looked, and saw the paleness of his face. It made her sick as well as sorry to see how pale the man had become. "Does this mean Mr. Reginald Forcus?" "Certainly not!" "You are not engaged to him?" "Certainly not!" "Look at me; keep on looking." His eyes held hers, she was compelled to look. "Do you like him better than me?

Reginald Forcus came into the Assembly Rooms with his brother and the sister who since the death of Lady Forcus kept house at Cashelthorpe, and made his way to seats not very far removed from those the sisters occupied, Bessie impulsively seized a bit of Deleah's bare arm in her finger and thumb.

I would do anything " He spoke in the same hushed voice; with his arms extended on each side of his plate, he was gripping the edge of the table tightly, "Anything!" "I know. I know you are a true friend. I know she talks to you. She talks about Mr. Reggie Forcus.

"She is too lovely to be vain," Sir Francis said. And at the tone rather than the words Miss Forcus lifted a startled head, and gazed and gazed upon her brother's stately back, upon the hands clasped behind it, holding the letter, waggling up and down, he would not let out of his keeping. Over another letter which Sir Francis received the next morning, he laughed as he read.

Of these she thought not at all; but only of the child eating his radishes in the corner, looking solemnly at her out of his big dark eyes. He called her from his grave, and presently she got up and went there. Deleah, dropped by the Forcus carriage at the private door in Bridge Street, went running up the stairs, and into the sitting-room. Bessie and Mr.

He turned away, walked to the door, stood staring at it for a moment, his back to her, then suddenly faced her again: "Sir Francis Forcus," he said. He walked to the table his eyes fixed on hers. "Sir Francis Forcus," he repeated. And once again, leaning across the table to bring his face close to hers, "Sir Francis Forcus." Then he laughed in the girl's frightened face, and went out of the room.