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"I'm talking rank nonsense! I'm a fool!" "You are not!" The boy ran across to him impulsively; then paused, mute and shy. "What is it, boy?" "Only that what you say is not the truth. If you were to die, there is one person who would " Blake's face softened. He was surprised and touched. "What? You'd care?" Max nodded. "Thank you, boy! Thank you for that!"

"My turn next," said James. "I haven't much to say only this. After mother died I took typhoid fever. Here I was with no one to wait on me. Robert came and nursed me. He was the most faithful, tender, gentle nurse ever a man had. The doctor said Robert saved my life. I don't suppose any of the rest of us here can say we have saved a life." Edith wiped away her tears and sprang up impulsively.

When they began taking leave of the dead and closing the coffin, he flung his arms about, as though he would not allow them to cover Ilusha, and began greedily and persistently kissing his dead boy on the lips. At last they succeeded in persuading him to come away from the step, but suddenly he impulsively stretched out his hand and snatched a few flowers from the coffin.

Horace Blondelle's paper, declared that he knew no such person, and that there was no money deposited in that bank to the credit of that name." "It was a swindle!" exclaimed Mr. Berners, impulsively. "It was a swindle," admitted the landlord. "Yes, sir, a swindle of the basest sort, though I did not know it even then.

She stopped in some consternation at sight of the silent trio within. "Why, what is the matter?" she asked, impulsively. Mr. Bartlett turned from the window. He looked at his wife, steadily regarded her beautiful face and bronze-colored hair piled high upon her small and regal head. His gaze sought the soft, white hands, the tapered fingers with pink and shining nails.

I have no home any more." "If you have no home," said Dodger, impulsively, "come home with me." "To the home you have described, my poor boy? How could I do that?" "No; I will hire a room for you in a quiet street, and you shall be my sister. I will work for you, and give you my money." "You are kind, and I am glad to think I have found a friend when I need one most.

Eleanor was on the point of saying something impulsively, but her eyelids suddenly drooped and she checked herself. If Gilbert Warde did not know that the Church granted dispensations in such cases, she saw no good reason for telling him. "Besides," he added, "I could not have her now, unless I could take her from her father by force." "No," said the Queen, thoughtfully. "Is she fair?"

Benedetto answered, ill-pleased to find that his name, who knows by what means, had been revealed. "I do not yet know whether I go to Rome." "I shall follow you," the young man said, impulsively. "You will follow me? But why should you follow me?" In reply the young man took his hand, and, in spite of Benedetto's resistance and protests, raised it to his lips. "Why?" said he.

Did you ever know it was me that helped get him away from the revenue men the night he had a barrel o' whiskey on his wagon?" Hettie laughed impulsively, and her graceful little body shook all over. "Mother thought you had a hand in it," answered Harriet, with an appreciative smile. "It was fun," giggled Hettie.

There is nothing oriental about me, but I am just a quiet British contemplative, untouched by the unrest of your age." "But it's your age, too!" cried Miss Van Tuyn. "No, dear. I was an Edwardian." "I wish I had known you then!" said Miss Van Tuyn impulsively. "You would not have known me then," returned Lady Sellingworth, with the slightest possible stress on the penultimate word.