Except that he is Sir Gilbert Carstairs, nobody in these parts knows anything about him how should they? We, I suppose, know more than anybody and we know just a few bare facts." "I think you'll have to let me know what these bare facts are," remarked Mr. Lindsey. "And Moneylaws, too. Moneylaws has a definite charge to bring against this man and he'll bring it, if I've anything to do with it!

Gilbert cast his eyes upon his dear precipice: it was but a pit of frightful ugliness. He sank into an armchair. His thoughts harmonized with the weather; they formed a dismal landscape, over which a long procession of gloomy fancies and sinister apprehensions swept silently, like the trail of low clouds which wandered along the borders of the Rhine.

"We are going on through Elmbrook when we leave," she whispered hurriedly, "and you may drive me as far as the village, and we can talk over things." Gilbert felt a chill at his heart. Here, indeed, was the irony of fate. "I oh, I'm so sorry," he stammered, in blank dismay. "I've promised to drive some one else back." The confession was out before he thought.

"Of course, people do get engaged!" said Ninian, and then he relapsed into silence. "I've been in love myself," Gilbert said, "but ... this is excessive. We ought to do something. Can't we get up a memorial or something?..." Ninian sat upright, pointing a finger at them. "You know, chaps," he exclaimed, "Roger's ashamed of himself.

"As Mr Roper moved round the base of the tree, in order to look the Blackfellow in the face, and to speak with him, the latter studiously avoided looking at Mr Roper, by shifting round and round the trunk like an iguana. The woman also kept her face averted." A day or two afterwards, Mr Gilbert and Charley met some more natives.

Rhodes it has pushed its way into the High Street, and a new quadrangle is beginning already to arise. The fame of the College has been great. It has sent out an extraordinarily large number of prominent Churchmen, and the place is also full of memories of such men as Sir Walter Raleigh, Gilbert White, Tom Hughes, and that great provost and scholar Dr. Monro.

Black, and the latter by William Chrighton; that the family of the one consisted of a boy and a girl called Gilbert and Nancy; and that the other was the father of an only son, named George. The harvest had been concluded, and preparations were making for lifting the potato crop, when Mrs.

We were made very welcome, and Gilbert was happy to see his friends again after so long a separation. Thursday our former servant in the Highlands came to see us in the evening, and our children, who had heard a great deal about him, were glad of the meeting. Mrs. Handsley was a distant relation of my husband, and the relationship had always been acknowledged.

I beg your pardon, I have been interrupting you all this time, cried Gilbert; 'I never meant to disturb you. Pray let me listen. And Genevieve read while Gilbert resumed his reclining attitude, with half-closed eyes, listening to the sweet intonations and pretty refined accent of the ancien regime.

"I can tell you nothing now, except that I am right and that Sidney Prale is fooling you," Kate Gilbert said. "Then I'll stay right here and take my beatin' at the hands of them thugs." "You will do nothing of the kind," she said. "I will not see them use violence toward you." "I don't see how you're goin' to help it, ma'am." "I am going to have you released.