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The smile which slipped on to Noel's face gave Thirza quite a turn. She had assigned the girl a different room, and had made it extraordinarily cheerful with a log fire, chrysanthemums, bright copper candlesticks, warming-pans, and such like. She went up with her at bedtime, and standing before the fire, said: "You know, Nollie, I absolutely refuse to regard this as any sort of tragedy.

"It was a good meeting didn't you think so, Sally?" she let fall, casually, as she sat down at the table. Surely Mrs. Seal must realize that Mary had been extraordinarily efficient? "But we go at such a snail's pace," said Sally, shaking her head impatiently. At this Mary burst out laughing, and all her arrogance was dissipated.

She had developed extraordinarily and had grown from a very pretty girl into a most beautiful young woman. What would Denzil think of her? That was her preoccupation and what would he think of the baby Benedict? The great rooms at Ardayre were shut up except the green drawing room, and she lived in her own apartments, the cedar parlour being her chief pleasure.

She has left him and, according to him, has given herself to God. He's in a most peculiar condition. He was a model husband, absolutely devoted and entirely irreproachable. Even before marriage, I should think he had kept out of the way of things. The athlete with ideals he was that, one supposes." "How extraordinarily attractive!" said Lady Ingleton, in a lazy and rather drawling voice.

She stopped by a fence that looked out upon a hillside meadow. The sun seemed extraordinarily bright, the grass in the meadow greener than she had ever seen it before. Two birds in a tree nearby made love to each other. The female flew madly about and was pursued by the male bird. In his eagerness he was so intent that he flew directly before the girl's face, his wing nearly touching her cheek.

Bernadine bent low in a parting salute. "Madame," he pleaded, "you will come?" Bernadine was a handsome man, and he knew well enough how to use his soft and extraordinarily musical voice. He knew very well as he retired that somehow or other she would accept his invitation. Even then he felt dissatisfied and ill at ease as he left the place.

I replied by pressing her to my bosom; after which she said: "Well, I'll come. I'm extraordinarily afraid, but you may count on me." When she had left me I began to wonder what she was afraid of, for she had spoken as if she fully meant it. The next day, late in the afternoon, I had three lines from her: she had found on getting home the announcement of her husband's death.

The experience of daily life shows that the conditions of our present social existence exercise the most extraordinarily powerful selective influence in favour of novelists, artists, and strong intellects of all kinds; and it seems unquestionable that all forms of social existence must have had the same tendency, if we consider the indisputable facts that even animals possess the power of distinguishing form and number, and that they are capable of deriving pleasure from particular forms and sounds.

Venus is extraordinarily brilliant, its reflective power being greatly in excess of Mercury's, and it has often been suggested that this may be due to the fact that a large share of the sunlight falling upon it is turned back before reaching the planet's surface, being reflected both from the atmosphere itself and from vast layers of clouds.

She made a sign to Paul Vence who was near her: "Do you not think Madame Martin is extraordinarily beautiful this year?" In the lobby, full of light and gold, General de La Briche asked Lariviere: "Did you see my nephew?" "Your nephew, Le Menil?" "Yes Robert. He was in the theatre a moment ago." La Briche remained pensive for a moment. Then he said: "He came this summer to Semanville.

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