She had propped a poor little crucifix, a black cross, with a chipped white figure on it, against a jam pot on a shelf under the window, and she had borrowed two candlesticks with coloured candles from a labourer's wife on the floor beneath. The window had been shut, so that the wind should not blow down these objects. Molly looked at the man on the bed and sniffed.

The candles were tallow, and they lopped at different angles in the flat candlesticks heavily loaded with lead, which compositors once used.

He called the knight an English clown, and, swearing he was the most untoward beast of a whole nation of mules, snatched up one of the candlesticks, which he launched at him with such force and violence, that it sung through the air, and, winging its flight into the ante-chamber, encountered the skull of his own valet, who with immediate prostration received the message of his master.

There is one Chappel for Confession, with a Roome and Chaire of State for ye priest to set to hear ye people on their knees Confess into his Eare through a hole in ye wall. This Church has ye most popish remaines of any I have seen. There still remains a Cross over the alter; the Candlesticks are 3 quarters of a yard high, massy silver gilt, very heavy.

Your humble servant is no such terrific adventurer that you should come out against him with horse-pistol and' smiling 'bedroom candlesticks. It is but a young gentleman in extreme distress, hunted upon every side, and asking no more than to escape from his pursuers. I know your character, I read it in your face' the heart trembled in my body as I said these daring words.

"No, he is still in town," said Colonel Ashley. "I passed his place a while ago. He has a pair of beautiful Benares candlesticks, in the form of hooded cobra snakes, that I want to get. Singa Phut is still in town." "Does that answer all your questions, Colonel?" inquired Dr. Warren. "I'll tell you all I can, in reason, but if " "Thank you! You've told me all I cared to know.

In addition to all this was the reposoir, or altar, that was being prepared at the corner of the Grand Rue, the arrangements for which called for the services of all the women of the neighbourhood, who eagerly offered their vases and candlesticks. Angelique ran down to carry the two candelabra, of the style of the Empire, which they had on the mantel-shelf of their parlour.

After many months in "a far country," John understands as never before, the sort of home that mother made and what that sentence meant to her. We have dug out the old brass candlesticks and the old tester bed; would we might find the old, framed needle-work and see again mother's handwriting on the wall.

It made his robe less hideous, and she could not understand how one could serve a god unless in beautiful robes. On the altar beneath the window of coloured flowers were two tall silver candlesticks, with smooth white tapers. A wide-mouthed vase filled with Chinese lilies stood between them. The whole chapel was faintly fragrant with their incense.

It was a round table and Olivia's eyes lingered upon its details the embroidered cloth with real lace in the center, the graceful antique silver candlesticks, the tall vases filled with enormous roses everything exquisitely simple and tasteful. Langdon talked with her until Mrs. Herron, impatient at his neglect, caught his eye and compelled his attention.