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They carry mine to a stout red-faced lady with grey hair and a large apron, the latter convenience somehow suggesting, as she stood about with a resolute air, that she viewed her little pupils as so many small slices cut from the loaf of life and on which she was to dab the butter of arithmetic and spelling, accompanied by way of jam with a light application of the practice of prize-giving.

There is a good demand for the fruit, the larger berries being packed in flat cases holding a single layer of fruit, as shown in the illustration, and being sold for consumption fresh, whereas the smaller berries are packed in kegs and sent direct to the factories for conversion into jam.

But Uncle Buzz was in a jam, and well, I thought I'd better come." He turned on her suddenly. "Keeping tab on me, aren't you? How'd you know?" "I reckon I'd better, Joe." And then more softly: "Think it's the best way to do? Uncle Buzz's been in deep water before." She rose to her feet and walked slowly to the opposite entrance. "How are things at the works?" He was silent a moment.

They were waiting to draw out their money. Lloyd George had announced the closing of the banks for three days; but they didn't believe it was real. Was it real? He passed Hanbury's, the big grocer's. It seemed to be crammed. People outside waiting to get in. They were buying up food. A woman struggled her way out with three tins of fruit, a pot of jam and a bag of flour.

He was as handsome a young soldier as one could wish to see, and his likeness to Peggy seemed only to make him more attractive in the eyes of the beholders. "Hurrah!" he cried cheerily. "Hurrah, for a good old vicarage tea! Scones? that's the style! Mary made them, I hope, and put in lots of currants. Raspberry jam!

Collins, the bookkeeper, came up to view the tangle. Later a photographer from Marquette took some views, which, being exhibited, attracted a great deal of attention, so that by the end of the week a number of curiosity seekers were driving over every day to see the Big Jam. A certain Chicago journalist in search of balsam health of lungs even sent to his paper a little item.

Bill stirred restlessly. "Let's have a look at the sandwiches," he suggested. They stretched themselves full length on the pier end and, with an occasional eye to the fishing poles, munched the uncouth slabs of bread and jam contentedly. Silvey read the name on the boat's stern with interest. "Detroit," he gasped.

It couldn't have come very far through this jam, so probably that cattle prairie isn't very far out that way. We could go out there. I suppose some of Garman's men would see us if we did. I don't like to have him know where we're bound for." Higgins was silent. "Well?" The engineer's reply was to crash into the thicket, breaking the way; and Payne followed without more words.

With which astounding procedure for her Susan pushed a plate of cookies and tarts toward him, then picked up her pan of onions and hurried into the kitchen. Once again Keith stared. Cookies and jam tarts, and made for him? If anything, this was even more incomprehensible than were the tears in Susan's eyes. Then suddenly the suspicion came to him SUSAN KNEW. And this was her way

Esther thought how she must strive to keep it in its present beautiful condition, and the elegant white-capped servants passing round the white table made her feel her own insignificance. "This is the new kitchen-maid, mother." "Ah, is it indeed?" said Mrs. Latch looking up from the tray of tartlets which she had taken from the oven and was filling with jam. Esther noticed the likeness that Mrs.