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Let's you and I stand behind him, and let's see to it that he makes the right effort to protect his credit." "That's different," admitted Mr. Stoddard. "Don, if you'll suggest the means to that end, I'll try and meet you halfway." Mr. Lovell took a seat at the table and picked up a blank sheet of paper. "As mutual friends," said he, "let me draw up, from seller to buyer, an iron-clad bill of sale.

They had better place a confidence in one by half A generous mind scorns to abuse a generous confidence. You have a nice, a very nice part to act with this wretch who yet has, I think, but one plain path before him. I pity you but you must make the best of the lot you have been forced to draw. Yet I see your difficulties.

It is, I know, possible to draw up at any particular period a list of what I may term the idiosyncrasies of any race at that period. A writer in a London newspaper some little time back attempted to do so in reference to Oriental races generally.

Anxious to draw him away from the subject, if possible for I saw that it would be in vain to attempt changing his mind I directed his attention to a long bright unwooded tract of land which, sweeping down from the elevations in the interior, descended into the valley before us.

When I behold Thy great Majesty hidden beneath that which is so slight as the Host is, I am filled with wonder, ever since that vision, at Thy great wisdom; and I know not how it is that our Lord gives me the strength and courage necessary to draw near to him, were it not that He who has had such compassion on me, and still has, gives me strength, nor would it be possible for me to be silent, or refrain from making known marvels so great.

'Let's see, said the United States cavalrymen, quietly, 'the pumps are hopeless, but we can draw up one bucketful every minute from the hold aft, and one every minute from the forward hatch. We ought to water all in ten hours. Form lines and water solid. The horse you skip will be dead in the morning. "The horses stand with swollen legs far apart, instinctively to prevent a fall.

Because mistresses treat servants as servants, and not as women; because in the sharp, hard line they draw, at the outset, between themselves and their domestics, they give no chance for any womanliness to be developed.

From the prayers that are offered in early, if not primitive, religions we may draw with safety some conclusions as to the idea, which the worshippers had before their minds, of the being to whom they believed they had access in prayer.

The poor fool can draw; made quite a name for himself at Carlo Rossi's and has a sense of color that even this crazy cult can't down. Goodness, how I am rattling on! I must fly back to my model who has rested long enough. You will come to-morrow, then? Please bring three tea cups with you," and the strange looking female strode off. "Mother, isn't she funny?

It is merely laughable that I should be left, the monument of a sacred loyalty greater than the world has ever known. I have no claims But let me draw the picture, dear Chevalier. Here was a discredited, dissolute fellow whose life was worth a pin to nobody.

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