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There was not a lady at Court, whose vanity would not have been gratified by his address; few of those whom he addressed, could boast of having resisted him; and even those for whom he expressed no passion, could not forbear expressing one for him: his natural gaiety and disposition to gallantry was so great, that he could not refuse some part of his cares and attention to those who made it their endeavour to please him; and accordingly he had several mistresses, but it was hard to guess which of them was in possession of his heart: he made frequent visits to the Queen-Dauphin; the beauty of this princess, the sweetness of her temper, the care she took to oblige everybody, and the particular esteem she expressed for the Duke de Nemours, gave ground to believe that he had raised his views even to her.

"I have something better than that," said Monte Cristo; "I have a slave. You procure your mistresses from the opera, the Vaudeville, or the Varietes; I purchased mine at Constantinople; it cost me more, but I have nothing to fear."

Thus the prince, who had the habit of giving nicknames to all his boon companions, as well as to his mistresses, never called him any other than "bon enfant." Nevertheless, for some time the popularity of Lafare, established as it was by agreeable antecedents, was fast lowering among the ladies of the court and the girls of the opera.

His spendthrift habits never went beyond his own pleasures and his own person; he economized in his wife's expenses. He loved her in spite of that. Milita did not venture to deny it; no mistresses or unfaithfulness. She would be likely to stand that!

She even lay awake, in her closet off Miss Leaf's room, whence she could hear the murmur of her two mistresses talking together, long after they retired lay broad awake for an hour or more, trying to put things together the sad things that she felt certain must have happened that day, and wondering what Mr. Ascott could possibly want with the key.

Is the servant he says of many mistresses, but all are but his lust, to which only he is faithful, and none besides, and spends his best blood and spirits in the service. His soul is the bawd to his body, and those that assist him in this nature the nearest to it.

Peter muttered, but the girl's quick ears caught the words over the roar of that "ill wind" which had brought them together. "Child is my surname, and it's not polite to call me by it." She brought him to his bearings by suddenly "frivolling" again. "They call militant suffragettes and housemaids sent to prison for stealing their kind mistresses' jewels by their surnames.

Such types of purity, honor, and moral courage were very exceptional during this reign. The three principal mistresses of this sovereign represent three phases of influence and three periods of his life.

"No," said he, indifferently; "probably a couple of the Prince's mistresses." The word stung me like an adder; and I half rose from my chair, my face suffused and my eyes indignant. "Why, what is the matter?" asked Maximilian; "I hope I have said nothing to offend you."

I might have added mistresses, for it was a complaint of this kind brought before the mayor which led me to a knowledge of the fact. The wages are low, which is particularly unjust, because the price of clothes is much higher than that of provision.