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"Stay in that closet and do as I tell you." Inside the closet, Sinclair kicked a pail out of the way and barked, "Remove the loose plank in the floor and drop it on the floor." Tom felt around until he found the loose board and lifted it up. "What's down there?" asked Roger. "You'll see," said Sinclair. "Now step back, both of you!"

We needed blankets at night, and each morning the dew was cool and sparkling, and the sky very blue. Underneath the forest trees of the stream beds and the cañon were leafy rooms as small as a closet, or great as cathedral aisles.

It seemed a common closet, with shelves on each hand, on which stood various little necessaries for the humble uses of a cottage. In one corner stood one or two brooms, in another a hatchet and other common tools; showing that it was in use every hour of the day for household purposes.

For the moment his enthusiasm carried me away, but I see now how selfish it was, and I have before me the face of Jimmy when he paid us his first visit and found that the closet was not the drawing-room. Jimmy is a fair specimen of a man, not without parts, destroyed by devotion to his pipe. To this day he thinks that mantelpiece vases are meant for holding pipe-lights in.

There were plaster busts of Aristotle, Archimedes, and Comte, while a great drowsy owl was blinking away, perched on the benign brow of Martin Farquhar Tupper. "He always roosts there when he proposes to slumber," explained my tutor. "You are a bird of no ordinary mind. Schlafen Sie wohl." Through a closet door, half open, I could see a human-like form covered with a sheet.

They were, he could tell, in a vile humor. From this he later augured hopefully that their plans had not worked out smoothly, but just now more imperative business called him. His arm brushed the closet door. Next moment he was inside and had closed it softly behind him. And none too soon. For into the room came the gunmen almost on his heels.

He saw, too, in a little while, that the nonsense of the lawyer had not even the solitary merit if such it be of being extemporaneous; and in the slow and monotonous delivery of a long string of stale truisms, not bearing any analogy to the case in hand, he perceived the dull elaborations of the closet. But such was not the estimate of the lawyer himself.

And I don't want you, either!" "I'm sorry," replied Timothy calmly, and his eyes danced, "because I'm going to stay. Miss 'Liza asked me. Mandy's going to have hot biscuit, I see 'em; and Miss 'Liza'll get me out some of her strawberry preserves, I know." Miss Eliza smiled indulgently at this request, and reached down into her leather pocket for the key to the preserve closet.

The moment Marya Morevna had gone he rushed to the closet, pulled open the door, and looked in there hung Koshchei the Deathless, fettered by twelve chains. Then Koshchei entreated Prince Ivan, saying: 'Have pity upon me and give me to drink! Ten years long have I been here in torment, neither eating nor drinking; my throat is utterly dried up.

That was quite enough for Oliver he tiptoed back and hid in his own closet wondering mildly how he was going to explain his presence there if a search party opened the door. He heard a chorus of voices calling him from below, first warningly, then impatiently heard Peter bounce up the stairs and yell "Ollie!