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"But you just mentioned having an engagement, or rather a date, which I suppose means the same thing." Craig smiled indulgently, his dark eyes filled with humor. "That's exactly the ticket. Glad to see you keep up with the slang of the day; proof you live in the real world, possess a normal mind, and feel an interest in current events. Altogether most commendable.

As to Mr. Jennings himself, just recovered from a fit of illness, it was astonishing how liberally and indulgently he prayed the court to show the prisoner mercy: his white and placid face looked quite benevolently at him and this respectable person was a murderer, eh, Mr. Jonathan?

The French heels tapped an angry progress across the big office, and Penny sat down abruptly in her swivel chair, reached across the immaculate desk, snatched up a morning paper and tossed it, without a glance, in the general direction of her tormentor. Bonnie Dundee grinned indulgently as he opened The Hamilton Morning News and turned to the specified page and column. "Ah!

"One must always have a little method in one's daily life," returned Malcolm indulgently. "How would you like me to make you out a list? You might slip any books you did not want to read." Then Elizabeth thanked him quite gratefully. "I mean to turn over a new leaf on my thirty-first birthday," she continued serenely. "Isn't it a great age, Mr. Herrick?" But Malcolm only smiled in answer.

"I feel that I've never really heard a loud noise till now." Joyce laughed indulgently, and stopped with her whenever she wanted to gaze in at some particularly attractive show window.

That's true, but it's the law, and once a woman has married a man, the only escape from this condition of submission is imprisonment." "Then I would rather that a thousand times rather," I said, for I was hot with anger and indignation. Again the advocate smiled indulgently, patted my arm, and answered me as if I were a child. "Tut, tut, my dear, tut, tut!

"Quit your kiddin'," countered Mr. Bross indulgently. "Come along: I got an engagement to walk home and save a nickel, and so've you." "Wait a minute," insisted P. Sybarite, without moving. "I'm in earnest about this. I offer you a seat in a stage-box at the Knickerbocker Theatre to-night, to see Otis Skinner in 'Kismet." George's eyes opened simultaneously with his mouth. "Me?" he gasped.

Ántonia looked about, quite distracted. “Yes, child, but why don’t we take him into the parlor, now that we’ve got a nice parlor for company?” The daughter laughed indulgently, and took my hat from me. “Well, you’re here, now, mother, and if you talk here, Yulka and I can listen, too. You can show him the parlor after while.” She smiled at me, and went back to the dishes, with her sister.

Ah! Ce vieux marquis était très fin. And her father would think the same; never would he admit that she could sing like her mother. But Ulick had said and no doubt he had already read Ulick's article that she had rescued the opera from the grave into which it was gliding. None of them liked it for itself. Her father spoke indulgently about it because her mother had sung it.

Father Greer, having made his point, smiled indulgently, and, as he was deeply involved in a mouthful of tough goose, the smile, blended with the act of mastication, made him look more than ever like a fox, a fox in a trap, gnashing at his captors.