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What a crushing weight of unutterable thoughts burdened his brain! he gazed up at the serenely glowing sky in aching, dumb despair, till slowly ... very slowly, words came at last like dull throbs of pain beating between his lips ...

The bright branches struck them as they passed, and sometimes he stopped to hold them aside for her. His eyes followed her as she rode serenely above him, and he thought, in his folly, of the lady in the old romance who was, to the desire of her lovers, as "a distant flame, a sword afar off." "It was here that you told me good-bye when you went off to school," he said recklessly.

An arithmetic test impended, and he had a composition to write. Nevertheless, he disregarded both tasks serenely and called for his lady. With her skates swinging with his over one shoulder, they started for the park. "Ever been skating before?" he asked casually as he took hold of her arm that she might pass a slippery bit of walk in safety. Louise shook her head.

"What car?" the woman trumpeted, gazing down serenely into Claire's little wet, anxious, upturned face at her elbow. "Columbus Avenue." The stranger nodded, peering down the glistening, wet way, as if she were a skipper sighting a ship. "My car, too! First's Lexin'ton next Broadway then here's ours!"

There was Ruth Erskine, dwelling in solitary grandeur in her royal home, as American royalty goes, the sole daughter, the sole child indeed of the house, a girl who had no idea of life except as a place in which to have a serenely good time, and teach everybody to do as she desired them to.

Clarke's church typified the decaying faith of its pastor. Grass was serenely pushing up through the rotting planks of the walk which led from the street to the basement "study" just as the natural goodness and cheer of man returns to dominion through the barriers of custom.

I have merely gone behind my proper starting-point by a matter of ten minutes or so no more to lay before you one of those inexplicable coincidences which, when they are flung at us, shake us from our self-possession. The stage was already set for me; serenely unsuspecting, I was headed straight toward it.

"It's going to be worth while in another way too," returned her friend, with an appreciative glance at the face which always reminded him of her mother's, it was so serenely sweet and full of character. "It is? How?" she asked, eagerly, for his tone was emphatic. "I have few patients on my list who learn so soon to bear this sort of thing as quietly as you are bearing it," he said.

They saw Nanny Ainslee standing with Cynthia's son before a stone that had neither name nor date but only the love-sad words: "I Miss Thee So." But they thought nothing of it. The world was far away and they were serenely happy in a rarer one of their own. Slowly the golden afternoon was waning.

Yes, I know that the others smiled, too, constantly, provocatively; but sometimes the set of their lips was likely to seem anything but the curl of mirth. But not Felicity's. It never lost its challenge. And her dancing was like that, tireless, serenely abandoned, the essence of knowing grace.

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