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All these arguments were trumpeted by the malcontents, so that the whole kingdom echoed with the clamour of disaffection. Sir Christopher Musgrave, and others of the tory faction, began to think in earnest of establishing the succession of the English crown upon the person of the prince of Wales. They are said to have sent over Mr. Graham to St.

Almost as an echo, from afar off, came a thin-sweet answering whinney. "It is the Fotherington Princess," Paula breathed softly. Again Mountain Lad trumpeted his call, and Dick chanted: "Hear me! I am Eros! I stamp upon the hills!" And almost, for a flash of an instant, circled soft and close in his arms, Paula knew resentment of her husband's admiration for the splendid beast.

"Cutter 'hoy!" bellowed the man beside Stringer, using his hands in lieu of a megaphone "heave to!" "Give 'em 'in the King's name!" directed Rogers again. "Cutter 'hoy," roared the man through his trumpeted hands, "heave to in the King's name!" Stringer glared through the fog, clutching at the shoulder of the shouter almost convulsively. "Take no notice, sir," reported the man.

'Ten days, said Deesa, 'you must work and haul and root trees as Chihun here shall order you. Take up Chihun and set him on your neck! Moti Guj curled the tip of his trunk, Chihun put his foot there and was swung on to the neck. Deesa handed Chihun the heavy ankus, the iron elephant-goad. Chihun thumped Moti Guj's bald head as a paviour thumps a kerbstone. Moti Guj trumpeted.

"Right down here in Adamson coun-tee Where they have no church of our Lord, Frank Smith sold Pate Art'b'ry some whis-key And caused him to get shot in the for'd." His fellows, in all solemnity, took up the ludicrous chorus and trumpeted in through their noses.

"And yet sometimes, when I oiled the brasses in the engine-room of the Goorkha, I have wondered if our priests were so wise so wise. The day is coming, Sahib. They will be gone by the morning." A yellow light broadened in the sky, and the tone of the river changed as the darkness withdrew. Suddenly the Elephant trumpeted aloud as though man had goaded him. "Let Indra judge.

Or, if written evidence be too untrustworthy, there are silent witnesses which cannot lie, that tell the same touching story. Such as they are, a well-kept dog would object to accept a night's lodging in them; and if they had been prison cells, thousands of philanthropic tongues would have trumpeted out their horrors.

The soldier knew well what it was. It was Badshah's appeal for help, and he wondered why the animal had given it then, so late. But far away a wild elephant trumpeted in reply. There was a crashing in the undergrowth as Badshah dashed away and burst through the cordon of enemies encircling them.

They came to a rising ground more definitely marked by sarcophagi hewn from the solid rock, and covered by lids of such weight and solidity that a number of them had never been disturbed. Doubtless the dead within were lying as they had been left but when, and by whom? What disclosures there will be when at last the end is trumpeted in!

The sins of his father were on his head; let them rest there, rather than be trumpeted by him. He had nothing to care for; let him wander about. And so he did for several years, until I became a treasure to him for parental is not intrinsic value and then, for my sake, as now appeared, he betook us both to a large kind land.

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