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On receiving a report by megaphone, Lieutenant Commander Mayhew's first act was to order all of the drenched, and now chilled, midshipmen aboard the parent vessel. Here they were treated with rub-downs, dry clothing and hot black coffee. Even Jack Benson had been ordered on board, and he had to pass before Doctor McCrea at that.

And then, as he heard the voice again, he grinned, and chuckled softly. "It's Cassidy, Pied-Bot! We can't lose that redheaded fox, can we?" A good humored deviltry lay in his eyes, and Peter looking up thought for a moment his master was laughing. Then Jolly Roger made a megaphone of his hands, and called very clearly out into the night. "Ho, Cassidy! Is that you, Cassidy?"

After an hour or so, he sighted a fishing schooner, and gave chase. The Pomerania's passengers were greatly interested, and lined the rails trying to make out what the fishermen were shouting. The captain of the schooner seemed particularly agitated, kept waving at the signal flags and barking through a megaphone. During these manoeuvres Mr.

When he reached the outermost edge of the stone pile, where the ten-ton blocks lay, he made a megaphone of his fingers and repeated the captain's orders to the Susie Ann. Baxter listened with his hands cupped to his ears. "Who says so?" came back the reply. "Cap'n Joe." "What fur?" "Goin' to blow, don't ye see it?" Baxter stepped gingerly along the sloop's rail.

Meanwhile Ned kept the light on the tossing boat, while Tom, through a megaphone had called to the men to stand by to be rescued. The whistle frantically tooted their thanks. Koku went out on the after deck, and, having made the knotted rope fast, dropped the end overboard. Then began a difficult feature of airship steering.

"What ship is that?" called out Captain Brownson, through the megaphone. "And where are you bound?" The answer came faintly over the tossing waves: "The 'Burton, with coal for Santiago from Guadeloupe." "Ah, ha!" said Tommy, "we get a prize at last." "Wait a minute," said "Stump," "he is saying something else."

All around the house ran a veranda, shaded bamboo curtains and vines, furnished with the luxurious teakwood chairs of the tropics of which you can so extend the arms as to form two comfortable and elevated rests for your feet. Horns of various animals ornamented the walls. A megaphone and a huge terrestrial telescope on a tripod stood in one corner.

Then making a wide megaphone of his hands, he shouted. It was an alarming thing to do and Peter started as if struck. For there were only ghosts to answer back and the hollowness of a shriven pit for the cry to travel in. Nothing was there. Even the great sawdust piles had shrunk into black scars under the scourge of the fire.

Joe did his best, but he didn't have the gun the shot splashed where most of them had, about half a mile short of the sub. Still pouring the black smoke out of our funnels, we leaped toward the Luckenbach and hailed her through the megaphone when we breasted her. She hailed back that she had water in her afterhold and fire in her forehold, and gave us the number of her wounded.

Also, the huge Saxon fellow who, at the portal of the Arabian Court of Art and Regular Café Restaurant, sang a love-song through a megaphone "Tenderly, dearest, I breathe thy sweet name," he hallooed, with his free hand beckoning the crowd to the Court of Art. And then I saw the Lyric Dance Arcade and Indian Palace of Asiatic Mystery.

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