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But he proved a greater attraction than the aircraft, and Tom was glad of it, for he did not like meddlers aboard. "With Koku to help you, and Mr. Damon to bless things. I guess you can manage until I come back, Ned," said the young inventor, as he made ready to go in to town to see if Mr. Whitford had arrived. "Oh, we'll get along all right," declared Ned. "Don't worry." Tom found Mr.

"I don't know," was the low-voiced answer, "unless a pair of monsters are attacking us on both sides alternately. But we'll soon learn. There goes the last of the water!" The gauge showed that the diving chamber was empty. Quickly the inner doors were opened, stud, with their suits still dripping from their immersion in the salty sea, Ned and Koku stepped forth.

A big cloud of black vapor down in the meadow told Tom and Ned that Koku and Eradicate had done their work well. The giant and the colored man had poured oil over the wood to make a fierce blaze that would give Tom's new chemical combination a severe test. A mechanic turned the propeller of the airship until there was an accumulation of gas in the different cylinders.

The doors of the shed were suddenly thrown open, and the two boys could see the large airship being wheeled out. The hazy light of the moon behind the clouds shone on the expanse of white planes, and on the fish-tail rudder, one of Tom's latest ideas. "Hey, there!" cried Tom, warningly. "Leave that alone!" yelled Ned. "Koku! Koku!" shouted Tom, shrilly. "Get after those fellows!"

It's a sea monster!" cried Mr. Hardley. "I can see the form of some great fish, or something. Look! It's coming right at them!" As he spoke all in the observation chamber saw a great, black form, as if of some monster, move close to the two divers. "What is it, Tom? What is it?" cried Mr. Damon, not stopping in this moment of excitement to bless anything. "What is going to attack Ned and Koku?"

With the stolidity of their race the Britishers did not show any surprise, as, some time afterward, they strolled down toward Tom's big craft, after supper, and looked it over. Soon they went back to their own camp, and a little later, Koku, who walked toward it, brought word that the Englishmen were packing up.

One sought to throw the other, and first, as Koku would gain a slight advantage, his friends would call encouragement, while, when Lamos seemed about to triumph, the Indians favoring him would let out a yell of triumph. For a few minutes Tom and his friends watched, fascinated. Then they saw Koku slip, while Lamos bent him farther toward the earth.

He knew what his craft could do, and he had taken her up in a terrific storm with a definite purpose in view. He was the calmest person aboard, with the exception, perhaps, of Koku. The giant did not seem to know what fear was. He depended entirely on Tom, and as long as his young master had charge of matters the giant was content to obey orders. There was to be no test of the guns this time.

"I guess we're ready now," announced the young inventor, a bit nervously. "Bring up the powder, Koku." "Me bring," exclaimed the giant, calmly, as he went to the bomb-proof where the powerful explosive was kept. The great projectile was in readiness to be slung into the breech by means of the hoisting apparatus, for it weighed close to two tons. It was carefully inserted under Tom's supervision.

The other two, at his back, were endeavoring to pull him over, but the giant's sturdy legs still held. So big was Koku's hands that they almost encircled the necks of his antagonists. Then happened a curious thing. With a shout that might have done credit to some ancient cave-dweller of the stone age, Koku spread out his mighty arms, and held apart the two men he had grasped.

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