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A fourth division of dwellings is the Bagni Caldi, the highest point of all, the occupants whereof have to descend as if from an eyrie, to gain any of the other localities.

Nor even thus did he gain the opinion of tenderness and sincerity: in effect, on pretence of investing the young Prince with fresh preferment and honours, he resolved to alienate him from Rome; and, to accomplish it, craftily framed an occasion, or snatched such an one as chance presented.

Yet we gain the impression that some of his innovations, such as the legalization of enthronement through the transfer of the seal; the changes in the administration of provinces and in the bureaucratic set-up in the capital; and even some of his economic measures were so highly regarded that they were retained or reintroduced, although this happened in some instances centuries later and without mentioning Wang Mang's name.

If there was still a small doubt in Absalon's mind as he turned, on taking leave, and asked, "What now, if we must turn back once more?" Valdemar set it at rest: "Then you write me from Wendland," he laughed, "and tell me how things are there." If little glory or gain came to the Danes from this first expedition, at least they landed in the enemy's country and made reprisal for past tort.

Wherever you go, I will follow you. If we once part, we shall not meet again." "We think so, and we say so, each time that we part; and yet we meet again. Once more, only the one time when I am to distinguish myself, to gain you only that once will we be parted; and then we will be happy for over."

But while it was my happy or sad fortune to witness many of these events and to hear many of these words, it was also my privilege, knowing, as I did, those that played their part in my tale, and those that knew them well and loved them well, to gain so close a knowledge of the deeds I did not witness and the words I did not hear as to make me as creditable in the recording them as any historian of old time that puts long speeches into the mouths of statesmen he never saw, and repeats the harangues of embattled generals on fields where he never fought.

Divine Charity is always revolving round that great problem of infinite love. "What is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" Oh, I can never get it out of my ears or away from my heart! Oh, how I see the emptiness and vanity of everything compared with the salvation of the soul!

Dick plunged through left guard and tackle for a gain of five yards. Axtell went through right for two more. Then the ball was given to Bert, and he went through the hole opened up by Drake and Boyd for eight more. They had gained their distance and the ball was still in their possession on the fifty yard line.

I gain more moral weight by this struggle against traitors than my enemies by their support. Bernadotte's treason is my ally." "Sire, another man has joined the traitor, a Frenchman, who wants to fight against France, against his emperor and former comrade." "Still another! A third traitor! Who is it?" "Sire, it is General Moreau."

Campbell consoled themselves in reference to Percival, with the reflection that, at so early an age, before he had lived to be corrupted by the world, to die was gain, and that their dear boy had become, through Divine grace, an inhabitant of the kingdom of Heaven.