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He said he didn't believe in speechmaking much, he believed in DOING things; there were always a lot of people to stand around and make speeches, like himself and there was more laughter.

But Johnson could write, and the best of Pitt's speeches are those reported by Ursa Major in a style superbly Johnsonese. The member from Old Sarum once sent Johnson two butts of Canary and a barrel of whitebait, as a token of appreciation for his skill in accurate reporting.

In several set speeches of great length and very considerable power, these natural orators explained their willingness to enter into amicable relations with all the surrounding nations, as well as with the white men.

Then, "with great gravity, as one inwardly much moved," the Duke took up his part in the dialogue. "Signor Ruggieri," said he, "you have propounded unto me speeches of two sorts: the one proceeds from Doctor Ruggieri, the other from the lord ambassador of the most serene Queen of England.

He would then listen with cool mockery to the enthusiastic or despondent speeches of the youth. He never deigned to argue seriously, but responded in a few bitter words, that fell like drops of sleet on the few sparks still glowing in the son's heart. Becoming gradually discouraged, the latter lost all taste for work, and gave himself up, more and more, to the idle pleasures of his position.

"It is rather too bad of Fred to repeat my flippant speeches to Mr. Farebrother." "It was certainly a hasty speech, my dear," said Mrs. Garth, with whom speaking evil of dignities was a high misdemeanor. "We should not value our Vicar the less because there was a ridiculous curate in the next parish."

The audience was hilarious, and cheered and laughed at the tired clown until he looked as if he thought his speeches might possibly be funny, after all. We were so glad we had pleased the poor thing; and when he sang a song our satisfaction was still greater, and so he sang it all over again. Perhaps he had been associating with people who were used to circuses.

First a sort of reception in a big gray courtyard of an old palace, all dolled up with American and Italian flags. Big bugs and speeches and they presented us to Italy. Then we twenty drove our busses out with our own flags flying and pulled up again for Party Number Two in front of the Cathedral.

I'll sit in the gallery, and lean over and listen and say to myself, 'He's mine, he's mine!" She heard many speeches in the months that followed, and sometimes Tommy or Atwood or Henry, traveling across the continent, came and sat beside her. And Atwood always clung to his prophecy: "He'll be governor next; and then it'll be the White House. Why not?" And Jane, dreaming, asked herself "Why?"

But it would be I who would write his speeches for him then and they'd make Lady Coryston sit up! Ah! didn't you hear something?" A distant humming on the hill leading to the house became audible. Marion Atherstone rose. "It sounds like a motor. You'll have the garden quite to yourselves. I'll see that nobody interrupts you." Enid nodded.