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The sceptic's sneer, that the shifting systems of philosophy illustrate only the changing fashions of a great illusion about man's capacity for truth, plunges dogmatism into a 'Dilemma, from which it can emerge only by finding a way of discriminating a 'truth' from an 'error, and so solving the 'problem of Truth and Error. The weird verbalism of the traditional Logic suggests a problem which strikes deeper even than the question, 'What do you mean by truth? viz.: 'Do you mean anything? and so the 'problem of Meaning' is propounded by the failure of Formal Logic.

Mr Hazlit propounded this question with such an abrupt gaze as well as tone of interrogation, that the little pursed mouth relaxed into a little smile as it said, "I suppose you must divide the sum proportionally among your creditors, or something of that sort." "Just so," said Mr Hazlit, nodding approval.

What, after all, were the new notions propounded from Poland, with such universal European effort, by this Protestant Austro-Slav, Comenius, and sponsored in England by the Prussian Hartlib? We shall try to give them in epitome.

Nigel felt a sudden desire to break through a certain seriousness which had come over his own thoughts and which was reflected in the other's tone. He shrugged his shoulders slightly and filled his glass with wine. "Every man in the world is the better," he propounded, "for adding to the circle of his acquaintances a beautiful woman."

In a heretofore unpublished letter of his, dated September 5th, 1853, which is in my collection of autographs, he says: "You propounded a question to me before I left the United States which I have not answered. I shall now give it an answer in perfect sincerity, without the slightest mental reservation. I have neither the desire nor the intention again to become a candidate for the Presidency.

Weatherbee has perhaps decided thus for herself. Would it not be the humiliating thing for our pauvre Jeanne to return and be refused the admittance?" "That won't happen," decreed Judith grimly. "We're going to the train to meet her, you know. We'll have to tell her the minute she sets foot on the station platform." "But suppose we find that it's true?" propounded Ethel.

For though God be the Soveraign of all the world, we are not bound to take for his Law, whatsoever is propounded by every man in his name; nor any thing contrary to the Civill Law, which God hath expressely commanded us to obey.

"You accuse me of temerity," he cried; "how have I earned such a name, when I only propounded difficulties, and even that with so much reserve; when I only advanced reasons, and even that with so much respect; when I attacked no one, nor even named one?

"Thank you," he said again in a cheerful affirmative, as the question of hock in a tall ice-cold goblet was propounded to him. "I've come to tell you the latest about the Gorla Mustelford evening," he continued. "Old Laurent is putting his back into it, and it's really going to be rather a big affair. She's going to out-Russian the Russians.

Interesting, indeed, these results of science are, important they are, and we should all of us be acquainted with them. But what I now wish you to mark is, that we are still, when they are propounded to us and we receive them, we are still in the sphere of intellect and knowledge.