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Van Tyne's Letters of Webster , including hundreds hitherto unpublished, was further supplemented in the sixteenth volume of the "National Edition" of Webster's Writings and Speeches . These two editions contain, for 1850 alone, 57 inedited letters.

Ludovic Sforza "appeared before his troops and his people like the very spirit of lethargy," says a contemporary unpublished chronicle, "with his head bent down to the earth, and for a long while he remained thus pensive and without a single word to say.

On June 20, 1632, a royal proclamation was made "commanding the Gentry to keep their Residence in at their Mansions in the Country, and forbidding them to make their habitations in London and places adjoining." The text of the proclamation is in Rushworth's Historical Collections , Pt. II. vol. i. p. 144. In a very interesting little volume of unpublished poems, temp.

An unpublished entry for October 27, 1822, reads: "Before when I wrote Mathilda, miserable as I was, the inspiration was sufficient to quell my wretchedness temporarily." The full passage follows: "Little harm has my imagination done to me & how much good!

Until less than ten years ago it was commonly supposed that Charlotte had discovered all there were. Then sixty-seven hitherto unpublished poems appeared in America. And the world went on unaware of what had happened. And now Mr. Vol. I. Poetry. And the world continues more or less unaware. I do not know how many new poets Vigo Street can turn out in a week.

It's you who'll starve, if anybody does; so fire away." And he fired away; for hope, still invincible, told him that he could afford to do it, that he had in a drawer fifty pounds' worth of unpublished articles, works of the baser power, and that, war or no war, he could surely sell them. Meanwhile he must get on with his tragedy.

"The unpublished thoughts are always the most interesting ones.... But I must away to my house-building or I shall have to spend another night under the stars." She turned and walked abruptly away. In her eyes as she went was a joyous light, and her heart was gay.

I am unwilling to detain my reader by an account of the numerous poems, which he either did not complete or did not commit to the press. His unpublished verses, as he told me a few years before his death, amounted to six times the number of those in print. His first publication was the Epistle on Painting to Romney, in 1778. In 1780, he produced besides the Verses on the death of Mr.

Another Orbajosan was the author of that famous 'Treatise on the Various Styles of Horsemanship' which I showed you yesterday; and, in short, there is not a step I take in the labyrinth of unpublished history that I do not stumble against some illustrious compatriot. It is my purpose to draw all these names out of the unjust obscurity and oblivion in which they have so long lain.

But, though with much difficulty the scientific authorities enabled him to secure the promised Government grant for his book, and a temporary billet ashore while he worked at it, he was only able to publish his Oceanic Hydrozoa; a vast quantity of his researches remained unpublished, and subsequent investigators, going over the same ground, won the credit for them.

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