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And when they have attained this friendship, then on a far higher level of economic development and with an improvement by each nation of its talent which is almost entirely new they will have found again, if in a different medium, something of the unity of mediaeval civilization. W.J. Ashley, An Introduction to English Economic History, vol. i, pt. 2, ch. 3; vol. i, pt. 2, ch. 6. Longmans.

Frequent instances have happened where common ewes have had twins by Ancon rams, when one exhibited the complete marks and features of the ewe, the other of the ram. The contrast has been rendered singularly striking, when one short-legged and one long-legged lamb, produced at a birth, have been seen sucking the dam at the same time." Philosophical Transactions, 1813, Pt. I., pp. 89, 90.

Sd. passing Tavern Island two Small Isd. in a bend to the St. side the Mo. of Oge womans River at 1 m. the Cave Called the Tavern, Lbd Side at 5 m. Side, Camped opposit the pt. which the Last Course was to. one man Sick. Side Called Osage Womans R, about 30 yds. wide, opposit a large Island and a Settlement.

Strype, Annals of the Reformation, I, pt. i, 11. He may, indeed, mean to ascribe it, not to the sermon, but to the evils alleged by the sermon. In the contemporary account entitled A True and just Recorde of the Information, Examination, and Confession of all the Witches taken at St.

This pious enthusiast easily found a small body of followers in a time when men were weary of war after the cruelties of the Hussite conflicts; but here, too, his theory developed in practice into a kind of Quietism under priestly control, an austere Puritanism, which is the very opposite of the personal freedom of Anarchism. Vorläufer des Neueren Socialismus, Pt. i., p. 230.

Barbarossa had once more proved to the world that the Turkish fleet was invincible. The flag of Suleymān floated supreme in all the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Von Hammer, Gesch. d. Osm. Reiches, ii. 142. Hājji Khalīfa, 58. Jurien de la Gravière, Doria et Barberousse, Pt. II., ch. xlii.-xlv.; Hājji Khalīfa, 62; Von Hammer, ii. 155; Morgan, 290.

Here the winged disk is Egyptian, as well as the god's helmet with uraeus, and his loin-cloth; his attitude and his supporting lion are Hittite; and the lozenge-mountains, on which the lion stands, and the technique of the carving are Assyrian. But in spite of its composite character the design is quite successful and not in the least incongruous. Hogarth, Carchemish, Pt. I , pl. B. 7 f.

Longstreet's corps is given in the tables, Official Records, vol. xxxi. pt. ii. p. 656. It had also been known that Stevenson's division was at Sweetwater two or three weeks before Longstreet assembled his forces there, and it seemed certain that it was the advance-guard of his whole command.

Cotton, Gleanings ... relative to the History of ... Exeter, 152. In the famous Warboys case of 1593 it was the witch's presence that relieved the bewitched of their ailments. York Depositions, 64-67. Glanvill, Sadducismus Triumphatus, pt. ii, 120-121. Hist. MSS. Comm. Reports, Various, I, 120. York Depositions, 69. Ibid., 75-78. See the story of Anne Bodenham.

Essex Archæol. Soc., IX, pt. LIII, pp. 920-6. For an apotheosis of the clothiers, see The Pleasant History of John Winchcomb, in his younger days called Jack of Newbery, the famous and worthy Clothier of England and Thomas of Reading, or the Six Worthy Yeomen of the West, in The Works of Thomas Deloney, ed. F.O. Mann , nos.