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In 1865 he was elected a Representative from Kentucky to the Thirty-Ninth Congress. 152, 361, 441. DONALD McRUER was born in Maine in 1826. He received an academical education, and engaged in mercantile pursuits. Removing to California, he settled in San Francisco. He held for some time the office of Harbor Commissioner for that State.

"That awful thing, a woman's memory!" as Lord Henry had once said. When he had drunk his coffee, he sat down at the table, and wrote two letters. One he put in his pocket, the other he handed to the valet. "Take this round to 152, Hertford Street, Francis, and if Mr. Campbell is out of town, get his address."

Emerson and others, 11-13; nature the symbol of spirit, 95; pleas for independence, 117; universal sentiment, 118-120; public rites, 152; Church of England, 219; of the future, 235; relative positions towards, 409, 410; Trinity, 411; Emerson's belief, 412-415; bigotry modified, 414. Republicanism, spiritual, 36. Revolutionary War: Wm.

Catholic World, 120 West 60th Street, New York City. Century, 353 Fourth Avenue, New York City. Christian Herald, Bible House, New York City. Collier's Weekly, 416 West 13th Street, New York City. Cosmopolitan Magazine, 119 West 40th Street, New York City. Delineator, Spring and Macdougal Streets, New York City. Dial, 152 West 13th Street, New York City.

In 1865 he was elected a Representative from Kentucky to the Thirty-Ninth Congress, and was re-elected to the Fortieth Congress. 152, 342, 511. ROWLAND E. TROWBRIDGE was born in Elmira, New York, June 18, 1821, and when a child removed to Michigan with his parents, who were among the first settlers that penetrated the wilderness back of the old French settlements.

Ornamentation Renaissance, popular with modern French architects. Basket on top of dome, 33 feet in diameter. Dome, 186 feet in height, 152 feet in diameter steel construction St. Peter's, 137 feet, concrete. Pantheon, 142 feet, concrete. Ornamental shafts, suggestive of minarets, in French style. Semi-circular colonnade forming entrances, French lattice-work.

Thereafter being subdued by fright and exhaustion, he was assisted to raise himself to the surface by means of hurdles and earth, which he placed underfoot as they were thrown down to him, till he was enabled to step out on solid ground, when the noosers and decoys were in readiness to tie him up to the nearest tree." See WOLF'S Life and Adventures, p. 152.

The value of the exports of agricultural products, of animals, of the products of the forest and of the sea, together with gunpowder, spirits, and sundry unenumerated articles, amounted in the several years to the following sums, viz.: In 1790, $27,716,152 1804, 33,842,316 1807, 38,465,854

The rent paid by the Farmers under this contract was 152,000,000 livres a year, for which consideration they were allowed to collect the indirect taxes and keep the product. This system, which is at least as old as the New Testament, is now generally condemned, but in the eighteenth century it found defenders even among liberal writers.

Battery: four 5.9-inch Krupp rifles, two 4.7-inch, two 3.3-inch, four 2.5-inch rapid-fire, and two machine guns. The Velasco, 1,152 tons. Battery: three 5.9-inch Armstrong rifles, two 2.7-inch hontorias, and two machine guns. The Don Antonio de Ulloa and Don Juan de Austria, each 1,130 tons, speed, fourteen knots.

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