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On the 5th of February, a formal message proposing a basis of Union was received from his Excellency, and debated for twenty consecutive hours from 4 o'clock of one day, till 12 of the next. Grattan, Plunkett, Parnell, Ponsonby, Saurin, were, as always, eloquent and able, but again the division told for the minister, 160 to 117 majority 43.

The yearly mean atmospheric temperature, other things being equal, is lower in the forest than in cleared grounds, p. 84. Climates become excessive in consequence of extensive clearings, p. 117.

L. Campbell's Gifford Lectures on Religion in Greek Literature, 1898. E. Caird, The Evolution of Theology in the Greek Philosophers, 1904. Holwerda, in De la Saussaye, Third Edition. Ramsay on "Religion of Greece and Asia Minor" in Hastings' Bible Dictionary. S. Reinach, in Oxford Proceedings, vol. ii. p. 117, sqq.

Prec., introd. p. liii. Any casual inspection of the visitation act-books reveals the fact that the judge sits either in court or in chambers between visitations, for offenders are constantly ordered to appear again in a few days or in a few weeks. Compulsory presentments were, however, limited by law and custom to two courts a year. See canons 116 and 117 of the Canons of 1604.

On the east there were certainly none: the two narrow parallel streets at the east end of the area just described are obviously due to a growth of houses along the line of the original east wall. The other limits are more obscure. One or two interior buildings are known. Plan by P. Sinibaldi, 1843, 1:4,000. Notizie degli Scavi, 1906, p. 117, &c.

I thus make the distance of the Yellala from the mouth between 116 and 117 miles and the total fall 390 feet, of which about one half occurs in the sixty-four miles between Boma and the Yellala: of this figure again 100 feet belong to the section of five miles between the Vivi and the Great Rapids. The Zambeze, according to Dr.

Sampson's pulse, and wants to know what I mean by any such sandblasted nonsense. "Well, old Jalap and Jerusalem oakseed," says I, "I'm no regular practitioner, but I'll show you my authority, anyway." They fetched my coat, and I gets out the Handbook. "Look on page 117," says I, "at the remedy for suffocation by smoke or gas. Flaxseed in the outer corner of the eye, it says.

Edward Fairfax, A Discourse of Witchcraft As it was acted in the Family of Mr. Journals of the House of Lords, II, 269; Wm. Cobbett, Parliamentary History, I, 1017, 1018. Lords' Journal, II, 271, 316; Commons' Journal, I, 203-204. Cal. St. P., Dom., 1603-1610, 117. It had passed the third reading in the Commons on June 7; Commons' Journal, I, 234. Cited hereafter as Potts.

Peter to take His place upon earth and rule the Church as directed. You see, therefore, that Our Lord, though not on earth, is still the real head and owner of the Church, and whatever His agent or vicar that is, our Holy Father, the Pope does in the Church, he does it with the authority of Our Lord Himself. 117 Q. Who is the visible head of the Church?

From December to February the average rose to 48,000; from March to May it was 149,000; and from June to August it was 290,000 men a month. During the four months from May to August inclusive, 1,117,000 American troops were transported to France. Altogether about two million Americans were sent to France, without the loss of a single man while under the escort of United States vessels.

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