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Thus it resulted, partly from want of opportunity, and partly from want of ambition in herself, that Bessie Fairfax remained a rustic little maid, without the least tincture of modern accomplishments. Still, the doctor's wife did not forget that her dear drudge and helpful right hand was a waif of old gentry, whose restoration the chapter of accidents might bring about any day.

But the surrender of Colchester to Fairfax in August and Cromwell's convention with Argyle had now set free the Army, and it at once struck fiercely at its foes. Petitions from its regiments demanded "justice on the king."

Before that search was finished, Daniel Granger felt very sure that his wife had left him, and had taken her child away with her. In what manner and to what doom had she gone? Was her flight a shameful one, with George Fairfax for her companion?

In smaller letters below the inscription-in-chief it was recorded that his wife Letitia was buried at Torquay in Cornwall, and that this monument was erected to their pious memory by their only child "Elizabeth, the wife of the Reverend Geoffry Fairfax, rector of Beechhurst in the county of Hants." All gone not one left!

But the yoke of the army was not to be so shaken off. While Fairfax suppressed the risings in the neighborhood of the capital, Oliver routed the Welsh insurgents, and, leaving their castles in ruins, marched against the Scots. His troops were few when compared with the invaders; but he was little in the habit of counting his enemies. The Scottish army was utterly destroyed.

We must be bright and cheerful whatever occurs. It should be easy for thee, Sally. Thee is always happy in the hospital." "That is because I have something to do," responded Sally sagely. "If one is so busy that one has no time to think one can't be afraid." "I make no doubt then thee will soon have plenty to occupy thee when Fairfax joins his company, Sally."

"Yes, and what you told me on that head, confirmed an idea which I had entertained before. I do not mean to reflect upon the good intentions of either Mr. Dixon or Miss Fairfax, but I cannot help suspecting either that, after making his proposals to her friend, he had the misfortune to fall in love with her, or that he became conscious of a little attachment on her side.

Before she had committed herself by any public profession of eternal friendship for Jane Fairfax, or done more towards a recantation of past prejudices and errors, than saying to Mr. Knightley, "She certainly is handsome; she is better than handsome!" Jane had spent an evening at Hartfield with her grandmother and aunt, and every thing was relapsing much into its usual state.

"Sir," she said with a gravity befitting the occasion, "I must tell you that Master Justus has been seen by those two ladies." "And Master Justus's pet lamb and cart and horses," quoth her master as seriously. "You had thrown the toys into the cupboard too hastily, or you had not fastened the door, and the lamb's legs stuck out. Miss Fairfax made a note of them."

Burnet, arguing with the Scots concerning the propriety of the King's death, observes: Drummond said, "Cromwell had plainly the better of them at their own weapon." Swift. And Burnet thought as Cromwell did. Burnet. Swift. Weak. Ibid. Burnet. Fairfax was much distracted in his mind, and changed purposes often every day. Swift. Fairfax had hardly common sense. Burnet.

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