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Before, I was proud of the respect in which I was held in the town, and felt to some extent I deserved it, for I had given up well nigh every moment of my spare time to its service. Since then I have known that the poorest man in the town would draw aside from me did he but know what I was. To my family it has been a terrible disappointment that the county has turned its back on us.

On one of the last and hottest days in August, a grand garden-party was given at the Manor. All the county people were invited, and they came eagerly, though, before Thelma's social successes in London, they had been reluctant to meet her.

At some moments, indeed, the vein ran into eloquence; and with some fine heroic sentiment in his old books, his stooping form rose erect, his eye flashed, and you saw that he had not been originally formed and wholly meant for the obscure seclusion in which his harmless days now wore contentedly away. "Egad, sir, the county is going to the dogs!

I wonder what name she has in mind and she had just finished telling me that I had a full half-interest in that kid! A railroad now runs into Adamson County and the new order is replacing the old. My wife and I and our brother went down on the first train run over the new line.

He was one of the three distinguished persons who were born in the county of Essex early in the century Cushing, Choate and Rantoul. In masterly ability Choate was the chief, unquestionably. In the profession, neither Cushing nor Rantoul could compare with Choate, although in learning Cushing may have been his rival.

He wrote two telegrams, one to the Governor of the State, the other to the Sheriff of Tupper County. Then he took another pad and wrote a note, this to his personal representative who was following the state troops into the hills. He rose and walked briskly to the door. Throwing it open he called a clerk and gave him the two telegrams.

The air was full of exhilaration; everybody was laughing and shouting and calling greetings; for Carlow County was turning out, and from far and near the country people came; nay, from over the county line, clouds of dust rising from every thoroughfare and highway, and sweeping into town to herald their coming.

The different modes of apportioning members of the legislature have in view the same object equal representation; that is, giving a member to the same number of inhabitants in one county or district as to an equal number in another. But in some counties the population increases more rapidly than in others. The representation then becomes unequal, being no longer in proportion to population.

And for Loughshane, a little borough in the county Galway, for which a brother of that fine old Irish peer, the Earl of Tulla, had been sitting for the last twenty years, a fine, high-minded representative of the thorough-going Orange Protestant feeling of Ireland!

"Perhaps not in your county, but I don't want to experiment down in my county," said Major Root, of MacIntosh. "I don't believe the people of Iowa will down any man for stating what he believes is right." "Don't bet too high on that," said the Major in final reply.