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Their queens wore raiment which was woven from threads of gold. The splendor of the Hebrew nation culminated when the roof of their great temple was laid with beaten gold, and when all the magnificent furnishings within the temple were wrought from gold and silver and brass.

Even Charlie's face wore a cheerful look, the first that he had put on since arriving in St. Louis, although now and again his heart quaked as he heard the hotel porter's voice in the hall roaring out the time of departure for the trains that now began to move from the city in all directions.

It was a man emerging from the pine woods, and crossing the waste strip of marshland that extended to the farm. A high board fence separated the back yard from this waste land, and but few ever came that way. The man wore the dress and had the pack of a peddler, and a quantity of tow hair escaped from under a broad-brimmed hat.

There is a Bishop of a noble family, tolerably young but very ugly, who was at first so devout that he thought of entering La Trappe; he wore his hair combed down straight, and dared not look a woman in the face.

I might easily have been deceived: I persuaded myself that I was. Perhaps Gerald had provided their present retreat for sire and daughter; perhaps they at this moment laughed over my rivalry and my folly. Methought Gerald's lip wore a contemptuous curve when we met.

I recollect it was said by a witty lady of a handsome clergyman well remembered among us, that he had dressy eyes. Motley so well became everything he wore, that if he had sprung from his bed and slipped his clothes on at an alarm of fire, his costume would have looked like a prince's undress.

Some of the boys wore caps, or little white hats with the crown pushed in all around, and, though it wasn't muddy and didn't look as though it were going to rain, each one of them had his "britches" turned up, and that puzzled the mountain boy sorely; but no matter why they did it, he wouldn't have to turn his up, for they didn't come to the tops of his shoes.

He wore his sword, high boots and spurs and his field glasses were thrown across his broad shoulders. He glanced at the group in slight surprise and drew Stuart aside. "I sent for you, General Stuart, to say that I am expecting a courier at any moment who may report that General Grant will move on Spottsylvania Court House." He paused in deep thought.

I want to shut the door.... Ginevra, people may tell you you are very handsome in that ball-attire; but, in my eyes, you will never look so pretty as you did in the gingham gown and plain straw bonnet you wore when I first saw you." "Other people have not your puritanical tastes," was her angry reply. "And, besides, I see no right you have to sermonize me." "Certainly!

Barlasch folded the paper carefully and placed it in the lining of an old felt hat of Sebastian's which he now wore. He bound a scarf over his ears, after the manner of those who live on the Baltic shores in winter. "You can leave the rest to me," he said; and, with a nod and a grimace expressive of cunning, he left her. He did not return that night.