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But to return to our subject. Amid all this conjugal happiness, so delightfully surrounded, face to face with dear old Oscar, so good, so confiding, so much in love with this little cherub in a Louis XV dress, who carried grace and naivete to so strange a pitch, I had been struck by the too well combed and foppish head of the cousin in the white waistcoat.

By and by the Malaki felt sleepy while his hair was being combed; and he said to the Bia, "Do not wake me up." He fell asleep, and did not waken until the next day. Then he married the Bia Tuangun Katakia. After they had been married for three months, the Bia said to the Malaki, "The best man I know is the Manigthum. He was my first husband."

Tellamantez waited and wept and combed her hair. When he was completely wrung out and burned up, all but destroyed, her Juan always came back to her to be taken care of, once with an ugly knife wound in the neck, once with a finger missing from his right hand, but he played just as well with three fingers as he had with four.

But then, he had never seen her except in a sunbonnet or with her hair combed primly back. But when the service was over Mary Isabel was dismayed to see that the sky had clouded over and looked very much like rain. Everybody hurried home, and Mary Isabel tripped along the shore road filled with anxious thoughts about her dress.

Then, having set my dress to rights, and combed my hair with a pocket comb, I followed Jenny, who conducted me back through the long passage, and showed me into a neat sanded parlour on the ground-floor. I sat down by a window which looked out upon the dusty street; presently in came the handmaid, and commenced laying the table-cloth.

So, also, the production of flax thread, when the crop of flax was grown, and the long stems had struggled upward to their greatest heights, and finished themselves in a cloud of multitudinous blue flax flowers, beautiful enough to be grown for beauty alone, they pulled and made into slender bundles, and laid under the current of the brook which neighbored most pioneer houses, until the thready fibers could be washed and scraped from the vegetable outer coat, the perishable parts of their composition, and combed into separateness.

Bear says, says she, 'I wonder where he goes every day, with his hair combed so slick? Grumble in the house. 'You'd better wish you looked half as nice, says Mrs. Bear. Grumble in the house. 'Well, I don't care if he is a grand rascal, he looks nice and clean, and that's more than anybody can say about you, says Mrs. Bear. Growl in the house. Mrs.

After which sort of speeches, and after keeping her for an hour trembling over her hair, which the young lady loved to have combed, as she perused one of her favourite French novels, she would go to bed at one o'clock, and say, "Pincott, you may kiss me. Good night. I should like you to have the pink dress ready for the morning."

Here were cooks from the whole courtyard, the porter, two policemen, a non-commissioned officer with good-conduct stripes, and the boy Filka. . . . This Filka was generally hanging about the laundry playing with the dogs; now he was combed and washed, and was holding an ikon in a tinfoil setting. Pelageya was standing in the middle of the kitchen in a new cotton dress, with a flower on her head.

The women wore on their shoulders the skins of deer, with the hair upon them, in addition to which they had petticoats formed of rushes combed out, hanging down from their waists to their knees. They appeared to be very obedient to their lords and masters, and did not even venture to move without asking permission. The men wore scarcely any clothing whatever.