There is not the least possibility of doubt such a remark might be misunderstood, and many feel inclined to charge the "Iron Duke" with ignoring the services rendered by the non-commissioned officers and men of the British army, for everybody knows that none but the sons of the opulent class can ever gain admittance to Eton.

Five thousand five hundred and fifty-six Turkish non-commissioned officers and men, including 1,200 men recently captured at El Arish in the Sinai peninsula. No officers are interned in this camp. The prisoners include besides Turks Arabs, Armenians, Greeks, Jews from Palestine and Mesopotamia, and some Senoussi.

As soon as the recruits told off to the sixth battery were in order they were marched off, two non-commissioned officers in front, one on either side, and another behind. It looked almost as if they were prisoners with a military escort. The road went through part of the town and then took a curve round a corner into a street that led out into the open country.

All the suns of the novel hitherto mentioned had moons and stars around them; all the cadres of the various kinds were filled with privates and non-commissioned officers to follow the leaders. Lady Morgan, who has been mentioned already, Banim, Crofton Croker, and others played a similar part to Miss Edgeworth. The didactic side of Miss Edgeworth was taken up by Harriet Martineau. Mrs.

He had been prudent, careful of his money, was a war-soldier with big arrears of bounty and, tradition had it, a consummate skill in poker. He was the moneyed man among the sergeants when the dashing relict of a brother non-commissioned officer set her widow's cap for him and won.

Here I am in disguise as apparently thousands and thousands of other Russians are, just as bearded as they, just as dirty, just as hungry, just as alone in the world. My name is now Alexei Petrovich Syvorotka, formerly non-commissioned officer, 7th of Hussars, born in the province of Kursk. Syvorotka! Would you talk to a man with such a name?

The wives of the non-commissioned officers listened more or less dubiously to the romantic tale of her origin, and envied her the all-powerful money at her disposal. For not only did she give one pure coffee from the bean, no chicory mixture, but she was also extremely fashionable in her attire, rustling about in silk-lined skirts, so that folk turned to look as she passed them.

The letters from Christian soldiers at the front are full of stories of conversion. Again, we hear of private soldiers and non-commissioned officers at outposts conducting parades. After Magersfontein, the Christian influence deepened and the number of conversions increased. By-and-by, enteric began to claim its victims, and the Home had to be used as a fever hospital.

So the Battalion had passed that way. "'This is my Battalion here, sir, replied the Colonel, standing submissively to attention and indicating fifteen officers, non-commissioned officers, and men all told lying in a state of exhaustion at the side of this shaded country road. "'What! You call that a Battalion? Fifteen men! I call it a rabble. What the b h do you mean by it?

There may be points in a man's character which may make him unpopular. "Now, as to drill. We have three weeks before us. Not long enough to make men good soldiers; but amply sufficient with hard work to make them good skirmishers. I have already arranged with four men who have served as non-commissioned officers in the army, one of whom will take each company.