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Rayne, an old friend of Frank's. He insisted on our going to his house for a few days in a warm-hearted way that was irresistible. "Are you quite sure you want me?" I said dubiously. "Young married people make a kind of heaven for themselves, and do not want old maids looking over the wall."

"Yes ma'am," returned the sentry. "I will send for him." A corporal appeared and took a message for her to Woodward. It was only a few minutes before Lieutenant Woodward himself appeared. "What is the trouble, Miss Dodge?" he asked solicitously, noting the look on her face. "I don't know what it is," she replied dubiously. "I've found something among the rocks. Perhaps it is a bomb."

That gentleman examined the patient, shook his head dubiously and declared high fever at work, and ordered absolute quiet for at least twenty-four hours, when, if he could, he would return. "Continue the prescriptions you have now, Mrs. Raines. All he needs is quiet. The hospital steward will come to dress his wounds as usual." Mrs.

Her sweet, wistful interest was balsamic to him. For a moment he tried to look sicker than he was. "Oh, it's nothing, nothing," he protested in a gone voice. "Yes, it is something," she had the corn-dodgers going over a slow fire and was dubiously regarding a second skillet that he had brought her. "Don't you ever try water for it?" she interrupted herself to ask.

Adela had almost made herself distinct from her sisters since the yachting expedition. She had grown severely careful of the keys of her writing-desk, and would sometimes slip the bolt of her bedroom door, and answer "Eh?" dubiously in tone, when her sisters had knocked twice, and had said "Open" once.

"The Canaan Tigmores are entailed, Mr. Bernique! The next owner may have eyes!" "God grant!" growled Old Bernique. "Grey eyes, eh, Mr. Bernique?" Steering flashed his own eyes smilingly at the French Missourian. The horses were at the sign-post. "Eh, what?" cried Old Bernique, "is it that ?" "We shall meet again, Mr. Bernique?" "I ride east for many a day, I think," said Bernique dubiously.

He looked at me rather dubiously at first, because I had been down in the engine-room of the ’Merrimac,’ where I got covered with oil, and that, with the soot and coal-dust, made my appearance most disreputable.

"Wal, y'u all can back me up," replied Blue, dubiously. "Y'u see, my plan goes as far as killin' Jorth an' mebbe his brothers. Mebbe I'll get a crack at Queen. But I'll be shore of Jorth. After thet all depends. Mebbe it 'll be easy fer me to get out. An' if I do y'u fellars will know it an' can fill thet storeroom full of bullets."

Crewe's door-bell, and leaped into the sleigh once more, the mare's nature being such as to make it undesirable to leave her. Presently Mr. Crewe's butler appeared, and stood dubiously in the vestibule. "Will you tell Miss Flint that Mr. Vane has called for her, and that I cannot leave the horse?" The man retired with obvious disapproval.

I'd like to hev gone in and seen it nigh to, if I hadn't happened to think of this 'ere autoo. You see I ain't got it all paid for yet. I'm jest clean beat. You don't mind my takin' a leetle pull at a stone fence, do you?" "I guess not," I assented somewhat dubiously, however. "That was a rail fence we took a pull at back in the lane, wasn't it?