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The two ships were now sailing together, to the eastward of south, but where they were going, no one could ascertain. A sentry was stationed at the compass, and though they were allowed to range anywhere else about the ship, when any one drew near that, they were civilly ordered to move away.

Tarzan slept until midnight, then he arose and crept into the Cimmerian blackness of the forest. An hour later he came to the edge of the clearing before the village. There was a camp-fire burning within the palisade. The ape-man crept across the clearing until he stood before the barred gates. Through the interstices he saw a lone sentry sitting before the fire.

I could feel the heart of the girl beating wildly against my arm, but without exchanging so much as a word we crept back into the dark road and pressed on. A few hundred yards farther a fire burned redly against a pile of logs. The forms of several men lay outstretched beside it, while a sentry paced back and forth, in and out of the range of light.

In our tour of the place I saw only two men wearing the German gray. One was the armed sentry who stood at the gate to see that no recovering inmate slipped out, and the other was a German surgeon- general who was making his daily round of inspection of the hospitals and had brought us along with him.

Who comes there! a French sentry's voice rang out in the silence of the night. 'France! answered young Fraser, who had been taken into Wolfe's boat because he spoke French like a native. 'What's your regiment? asked the sentry. 'The Queen's, answered Fraser, who knew that this was the one supplying the escort for the provision boats the British had held up.

Half falling, half sliding, scratching herself and tearing her clothes, she descended. The sentry checked himself just in time at the top of the gorge and leaned as far over the edge as he dared. He raised his gun again and fired. But Elaine's course was so hidden by the trees and so zigzag that he missed again. A moment he hesitated, then started and climbed down after her as fast as he could.

Peter passed the sentry line, and went up to the group. Three were the committee. The rest were the ubiquitous reporters. From the newspaper report of one of the latter We quote the rest: "You wish to see me?" asked Colonel Stirling. "Yes, Colonel," said Chief Potter. "We are here to remonstrate with you."

We can still remain on friendly terms, only I must not forget to load my pistol. And now let us interview the governor." A sentry stood at the outside gate, and several soldiers were in the courtyard; but passing through, we entered the house, and found ourselves in the governor's presence.

Ten minutes later the boat in which he had come off was hanging to the davits, and he, in company with his fellows, was being hurried down into a long low portion of the 'tween decks, with a couple of lanthorns swinging their yellow light to and fro, and trying to make haloes, while an armed marine stood sentry at the foot of the steps leading up on deck.

"For! see you!" he would finish gravely, "He who has Truth Need fear no ruth." So, ever and always his hero came out of his trials scathless. And, by degrees, this faith in final good grew deep into both the boys' hearts, and showed in their very faces. "By my word!" said the Afghan sentry, whom chance one day sent to guard them. "Ye be a precious pair of Kings!"