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In suttee-like devotion, they scorn to shun the flame; but, with outstretched arms inviting it; offer themselves as a holocaust to him who, through the long summer-day, has smiled upon their trembling existence. At this season of the year, too, the virgin forest is often the victim of another despoiler the hurricane.

A yellow and red bull is represented against a blue background, galloping furiously to left, tail in air. Above him is a man of slender build, nearly naked. With his right hand the man grasps one of the bull's horns; his right leg is bent at the knee and the foot seems to touch with its toes the bull's back; his outstretched left leg is raised high in air.

He was blind to the love, the yearning, the outstretched hands of motherhood, not because he was cruel, or hard, or mean; but because he was young, and delighted in beauty.

"Now, young feller, you can hit the trail," put in Buell, with his big voice. "An' remember what I told you. This country ain't got much use for a feller as can't look out for himself." He opened the gate, and led my mustang into the road and quite some distance. The pony jogged along after us. Then Buell stopped with a finger outstretched. "There, at the end of this street, you'll find a trail.

At his words, she made a sudden. spring forward, her dress caught on the wall, and she slipped lightly into his outstretched arms. For the half of a second he held her against his breast; then, as she released herself, he drew back and lifted his eves to meet the serene composure of her expression.

Over the heads of the men by his side the orator extended his hand and grasped the trembling outstretched fingers. He smiled and nodded, that was all. The Boy understood. From that moment he had an ideal leader whose words were inspired. The mother's dark face was lit for a moment with tender pride. She made no effort to reach the orator's side.

It is n't very far, and there's a little light somewhere." Elinor slipped blindly down the side of the rock into Vic Burleigh's outstretched arms. As he set her on her feet, somehow, the little light failed.

I have just come in for a moment." "Take off your coat," she urged. "You will have some tea?" Her eyes and outstretched hands both said: "Thank you, thank you." "How are you doing?" she asked him anxiously. "I am bored. I can do nothing. I am utterly bored."

"Yes, Shirley Green, the author," explained Ryder, Sr., not noticing the note of familiar recognition in his exclamation. Shirley advanced, and holding out her hand to Jefferson, said demurely: "I am very pleased to meet you, Mr. Ryder." Then quickly, in an undertone, she added: "Be careful; don't betray me!" Jefferson was so astounded that he did not see the outstretched hand.

Moved by a sudden impulse, Priscilla rose to her feet and walked to him with outstretched hands; when she reached him he took her hands in his and smiled up at her. "I I accept," she whispered with a break in her voice. "You have made me happier than I have ever been in my life!" Boswell drew her hands to his lips and kissed them.