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"I don't know how much or how little you know about what has taken place this afternoon, Mrs. Blount," he broke out hastily, "but I can tell you this much: I am my father's son now, whatever I have been in the past, and if he is in danger, my place is with him. Tell me where he has gone." The little lady's eyes were demurely downcast.

"What did he come here for?" said the captain. Miss Nugent glanced down at her plate. "I can't imagine," she said, demurely. "The first time he came to tell us what had become of you." The captain stopped in his walk and eyed her sternly. "I am very fortunate in my children," he said, slowly. "One is engaged to marry the daughter of the shadiest rascal in Sunwich, and the other "

I want something more than 'thank you' for all that." Mollie tried to laugh all in a flutter. "Name your price, then, sir. Though it were half my kingdom, you shall be paid." "And don't mind me, sir," suggested Mrs. Sharpe, demurely. "Ah! but I do mind you," said Mr. Ingelow; "and besides, the time for payment has not yet come. Doctor Oleander's little bill must be settled first.

And yet, at that, when she paused at Caleb's side and bobbed her head with a characteristic impetuosity which she had never lost she seemed completely oblivious to the presence of anyone save Caleb and herself. "Good morning, Uncle Cal," she murmured, very demurely. Then the man upon the steps moved; he rose and turned and swept his rather weather-beaten hat from his head.

Frederic Heath, with that sweetly lingering accent familiarly called the drawl, as he looked at the hepaticas. "I don't think it very complimentary, at any rate," continued Marguerite. "They are not lovely after bloom, only the little pink-streaked, budded bells, that hang so demurely. Oui, d

"I think Uncle Nicholas has done his duty by me," Elizabeth remarked demurely, "but I am glad he has got through. I came of age last Monday, the day I started for Colorado." "When did you decide to come?" "About five years ago. I always meant to start on the 7th of June of this year." "You make your plans a long way ahead. What is the next step on the program?" "I haven't the least idea."

"It was unfair of you to make use of Quimbleton's name to get me into your hands," he said angrily. Miss Chuff turned a momentary gaze of amusement upon him, as they passed a large tractor drawing several truckloads of gooseberry plants. "You don't understand," she said demurely. "You may remember that Mr. Quimbleton's card gave his name as associate director of the Happiness Corporation?"

He apparently has something on his mind, and stands around first on one foot and then on the other, until the girl asks him what seems to be the trouble, whereupon he gravely informs her that a friend of his, a most worthy man indeed, who can write, and fight, and ah, do several more things all at once, wants her for his wife. Then the girl smiles demurely at him, and says coyly "

She glances demurely down at her feet, then looks shyly up at him again; then once more studying her apron, she, as if unconsciously, proffers her cheek in a manner too provocative for any man to resist, and as the curtain descends Lionel Beauchamp is apparently about to make the most of his opportunity.

"Isn't it singular about the name or perhaps you were named for it?" "I was named after it," responded Elsie demurely. He smiled, but he was only half attending. He was reaching for something in the depths of his mind which he did not find, and presently he sauntered on with bent head. Miss Pritchard took up the Spectator, and Elsie produced the "First Violin," and presently was lost in that.

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