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Then, after a moment, he said: "How do you deserve this? Do you know what you ask?" "Ah, oui, I know it is immense, and I deserve nothing: and in return I can offer nothing, not even that I will repent. And I have done no good in the world; but still perhaps I am worth the saving, as may be seen in the end. As for you, well, you will do a little wrong so that the end will be right. So?"

"I lost a part of the answer, but heard the closing words distinctly 'et un peu passee. 'Oui, decidement! was the prompt response, and a light laugh followed, while, shrinking close to my kind friend, I rejoiced that my short stature concealed me from observation.

In the crowd outside, close to the railings, stood a big man and a little one. I don't know whether I was in at the beginning of the altercation, or if it had been led up to in any way, but what I heard and saw was this. "Tu es juif, n'est ce pas?" said the big man, with a sort of bullying jocundity. "Mais oui, monsieur," the little man assented.

To-day, in the close room, she told a long story of the doctor's neglect. The medicine he gave her was water and nothing else water with nothing in it. And to ask people to pay for that! She would not pay. What would Jeanne advise? "Oui, ma tante," said Jeanne. "Oui, ma tante? But you are not listening to what I say. At the least one can be polite." "I am listening, ma tante."

"Oui, Madame," was the croupier's polite reply. "No single stake must exceed four thousand florins. That is the regulation." "Then there is nothing else for it. We must risk in gulden." "Le jeu est fait!" the croupier called. The wheel revolved, and stopped at thirty. We had lost! "Again, again, again! Stake again!" shouted the old lady.

But, with a quick bound, the girl was across the room. 'What? she cried. 'You think I marry you? Have you not heard of Baptiste? Know, then, that I love one finger of him more than all you, ten times, hundred times. 'Baptiste? repeated Rodney. 'Oui, mon cousin, Baptiste, the fisherman. We marry soon tenez la fete de Saint Andre.

"Non, il y en a deux mais oui c'est Monsieur Blunt, notre jeune heros!" Eve bowed her face, and even while her soul melted in gratitude to God, the feelings of her sex caused the tell-tale blood to suffuse her features to the brightness of crimson. Mr.

"What are talents in a napkin? You are a capitalist I am a man with ideas. May I order another of this mastroquet's bowel-gripping absinthes in order to expound a scheme? Thank you, my dear Lackaday. Oui, encore une. Tell me have you ever been to England?" "No," said Lackaday. "Have you ever heard of Pierrots?" "On the stage masked balls yes." "But real Pierrots who make money?" "In England?

"Delightfully!" said Ormond: "the most agreeable evening I ever passed in my life!" "You have seen nothing yet you are right not to judge hastily," said Connal; "but so far, I am glad you are tolerably well satisfied." "Ah! oui, Monsieur Ormond," cried Mademoiselle, joining them, "we shall fix you at Paris, I expect."

Arrêtez-vous, monsieur, je vous en priearrêtez-vous; il ne faut pas entrer dans la ville; la peste y règne partout.” “Oui, je sais, mais—” “Mais monsieur, je dis la pestela peste; c’est de LA PESTE, qu’il est question.” “Oui, je sais, mais—” “Mais monsieur, je dis encore LA PESTELA PESTE. Je vous conjure de ne pas entrer dans la villevous seriez dans une ville empestée.”